Sylvania PAR Bulb

Need a new bulb for your display case? Hoping to find high quality LED PAR bulbs that lasts longer than your burned-out incandescent bulbs? Look no further! LEDVANCE Sylvania offers a wide variety of LED PAR bulbs available in many sizes and color temperature options so you can find the one that best matches your space. Browse HomElectrical to find the LEDVANCE Sylvania LED PAR light bulb for you!

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What is a Sylvania LED PAR bulb?

The PAR in PAR bulb stands for parabolic aluminized reflector. This means the bulb contains the reflector, lens, and lamp all in one. They give off concentrated light ideal for directional lighting, wall washers, recessed and track lighting.

Sylvania PAR LED bulbs come in a few different sizes: PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38. The number following the bulb represents the diameter of the bulb in millimeters.

Here is the diameter in inches:

  • PAR16-16/8th of an inch OR 2 inches in diameter
  • PAR20-20/8th of an inch OR 2.5-in diameter
  • PAR30-30/8th of an inch OR 3.75-in diameter
  • PAR38-38/8th of an inch OR 4.75-in diameter

They also offer two base sizes, E26 and GU10.

Why use Sylvania LED PAR bulbs?

A LEDVANCE Sylvania PAR LED light bulb offers many benefits:

  • Long life-11,000, 25,000, or 40,000 hours depending on the bulb
  • Lasts at least 3 times longer than halogen
  • Variety of beam options
  • Some are Energy Star rated

Sylvania offers a huge selection of energy efficient LED PAR lamps to increase your energy savings. HomElectrical carries an 11.5W LED PAR38 motion sensor bulb, as well as PAR30 bulbs with different sized necks, like their 10W LED PAR30, so you can find what you need. This 14W LEDVANCE Sylvania PAR38 LED bulb offers an instant-on start no warm-up time and a glass body with full optics similar to equivalent halogen light bulbs.

Where do you use Sylvania LED PAR lamps?

Where you use Sylvania LED PAR lights depends on the size of the bulb.

Bulb SizeCommon Uses
  • Display cases
  • Art galleries
  • Museums
  • Ceiling lights
  • Ceiling lights
  • Conference rooms
  • Downlighting
  • Track lights
  • Downlighting
  • Patio lighting
  • Precision lighting
  • Flood lights
  • Safety lighting
  • Landscape

For PAR30 bulbs, the length of the neck, short, long, or standard, also determines where it can be used. Check out our blog What are PAR30 LED Light Bulbs Used For? to learn more.

What beam angle do I need?

What beam angle you need will largely depend on where you use the bulb and how narrow or wide you want the beam to be.

Very Narrow: 15 degrees

Narrow Spot: 16-30 degrees

Spot: 30-60 degrees

Narrow Flood: 61-90 degrees

Wide Flood: 91-120 degrees

Very Wide Flood: 160 degrees

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