Sylvania Bulb: A15, A21, A19 Lamp

An industry leader in LED lighting, LEDVANCE Sylvania provides a full line of energy efficient LED bulbs to brighten your home. They offer a collection of LED A15, A19, and A21 bulbs available in a variety of color temperatures, styles, wattages and base types. They also offer a selection of dimmable options. Skip the local store and shop to find the perfect LEDVANCE Sylvania LED bulb for your residential fixture!

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What is an A19 bulb?

When picturing the shape of a light bulb, the A19 usually comes to mind. You may see it referred to as an upside-down pear-shaped bulb. Though A19 bulbs were originally designed for incandescent technology, you can now find a wide selection of LED versions that function at a much lower wattage. This means they consume much less power!

They often use a standard screw base, the E26 base. The E26 base, also known as the medium base, works in most residential applications. Less commonly, you may find A19 light bulbs that use an E12 candelabra or GU24 pin base. The candelabra base also works as a screw-type base but features a smaller diameter than the E26.

Where can I use a Sylvania A19 bulb?

Use LEDVANCE Sylvania bulbs anywhere from commercial offices and restaurants to residential kitchens, living rooms, and bathroom spaces. You can use them in desk lamps, porch lights, wall sconces and most household lighting fixtures.

Want to replace that old 60W incandescent in your desk lamp? Why not try an 8.5 watt Sylvania A19 lamp?

Need a festive bulb for the holidays? Maybe you want a fun color to change up your fixtures? LEDVANCE Sylvania offers a colorful line of A19 LED bulbs, like this 8.5W purple bulb, that are suitable for damp locations.

Why use LED?

An LED light bulb can replace your incandescent and Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulb for a more energy efficient alternative. LED bulbs have a lower wattage than traditional incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs use up to 75% less energy, providing you more energy savings and brighter rooms! Where a 60W incandescent bulb might offer about 800 lumens, an LED can offer the same lumen count with a lower wattage. For example, Sylvania offers an 8.5W LED A19 with 800 lumens that can replace an equivalent incandescent.

Depending on the bulb, a Sylvania LED light bulb has between 15,000 to 25,000 life hours, ten times longer than incandescent. Some options last even longer.

What are lumens?

Lumens, often indicated by ‘lm’, measures the amount of visible light given off by a light source. This means it measures the brightness of a light!

When using incandescent light bulbs, wattage used to act as a good indicator for a light bulb's brightness. Not anymore! With the rise of LED technology, which consumes far less energy but still provides the same level of brightness, lumens became a better indicator of brightness.

Now, wattage solely measures the amount of power consumed. In other words, it measures the amount of energy it uses.

What is color temperature?

Using Kelvins (K), the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) measures the color of the light emitted by the light source. They can fall on a scale between 1000K-10000K. Light sources that give off close to 1000K appear similar to candlelight while 10000K appears blue in hue. Common color temperatures include:

  • 2700K – warm white that creates a comforting, warm ambiance similar to an incandescent bulb. Works well in living rooms, restaurants, and hotels.
  • 3000K - soft white light that works well in kitchens and residential bathrooms.
  • 4000K - bright white light that works well for task lighting applications. Often sees use where performing detail-oriented tasks, such as the kitchen, office, or workspace.
  • 5000K - produces a cool light similar to daylight. This color temperature often sees use in commercial applications.

To learn more, check out our buying guide The Anatomy of the LED Light Bulb!

What does the A19 mean on a light bulb?

The number next to the ‘A’ refers to the diameter of the bulb in 1/8 of an inch so as that number increases, so does the size of the bulb. This means an A19 bulb measures 19/8 or around 2.375 inches in diameter. An A15 should measure around 15/8 or 1.875 inches. An A21 measures around 2.625 inches around.

Does Sylvania have Smart bulbs?

Sylvania offers a selection of SMART bulbs that can connect to any Smart device, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Homekit. Some even offer Bluetooth compatibility!

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