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HomElectrical has a variety of different LED troffers and panel lights for all of your commercial lighting needs. Choose from 1X4, 2X2, and 2X4 flat LED lights for the perfect lighting for your school, office, store, hotel, or other indoor locations. Shop through our full selection of light fixtures, and start saving money and energy today!
Find 1X4, 2X2, and 2X4 LED panel options as well as tunable LED panels and accessories.
Designed for use in drop-in ceilings, you can find a variety of LED troffers, including 1X4, 2X2, and 2X4 options as well as LED troffer accessories.
Suspend high bays, low bays, or strip light fixtures using aircraft cables, as well as crimps and wire clamps, available in multiple size options.
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What is the difference between an LED troffer and LED panel?

LED troffers and LED panels are very similar when it comes to where and what they are used for. These types of panel lights are used for both residential and commercial applications such as in homes, offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, and more. They often replace CFLs and are designed to mount on either suspended grip ceilings (LED panels) or recessed lighting (LED troffers).

The primary difference: LED panels are used to replace existing fluorescent ceiling lights and require much less space due to their slim build. LED troffers, however, are rectangular and are designed for a modular dropped ceiling which require more space for installation.

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What is a beam angle?

The beam angle of an LED bulb is the angular dimension of the light coming from the lamp that spreads across the floor when on. It encompasses the central part of the beam out to the angle where the intensity is 50 percent of the maximum angle. For most household ceiling-fitted applications, a beam angle of 30 or 40 degrees would be sufficient.

For outdoor applications, a wider beam angle of 60 to 120 degrees is preferred to cover a larger surface area. Use LED troffers and panels for general lighting to make you feel safe and comfortable.

Does an LED troffer or flat panel have more advantages? Is one better than the other depending on the location?

To determine whether to use an LED troffer or LED panel, consider what type of light is required. If you are replacing a CFL or fluorescent light fixture, you will want to use a LED panel. The thin structure will be an easy fit into the ceiling. If you need to install a light fixture into a drop ceiling, you will want to use a LED troffer. LED troffers are thicker and need more room for installation. Both of these lights are high-performing and cost-effective; you just have to choose the best lighting fixture for your installation.

How do I know which fixtures can be replaced and their equivalent wattage?

All fixtures can be replaced with LED lights; you just have to find the proper replacement! Each LED fixture will tell you what their wattage equivalent is in order for you to easily change out LED panels. LED panels replace CFLs easily with their thin frame. If the product does not have a wattage equivalent on the product page, you can always use a lumens to wattage chart. Determine your wattage equivalence here! 
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