TCP Lighting

TCP Lighting is a company that has been developing different LED bulbs for both commercial and residential applications. Their assortment of LED bulbs are not only going to give you a great selection to choose from but these bulbs will also save you money in the long run. Discover our selection of TCP Lighting LED bulbs for your commercial and residential applications at HomElectrical today!
TCP Lighting

LED High Bay/Low Bay Light

TCP Lighting offers a selection of high bay lighting, which works well with ceilings above 20 feet, and low bay lighting, which works well with ceilings between 12-20 feet high, in a range of color temperature and lumen options.


TCP Lighting manufactures a comprehensive line of quality LED light bulbs, including chandelier, globe, corn, or tube light bulbs, for use in residential and commercial applications.

Emergency & Exit Light

TCP Lighting offers emergency and exit lighting, including exits signs, emergency lights, combination exit sign and emergency lights, as well as retrofit kits.

LED Panel Light

With a variety of size options, including 1X4, 2X2, and 2X4, TCP Lighting offers LED edge-lit flat panels, with some including dimming capabilities, selectable wattage, and a variety of lumen options, they can see use in schools, offices, healthcare, and

LED Downlights

Find the LED Downlight that's right for you from TCP Lighting

LED Troffer

Discover LED troffers featuring fixed or selectable wattage and a slim, low profile from TCP Lighting.

LED Strip Light

TCP Lighting manufactures a selection of LED strip lights including general purpose strip lights, wrap lights, shop lights, and more.

LED Flush Mount

TCP Lighting offers a selection of flush mount light fixtures to brighten homes and businesses.

LED Disk Lights

TCP Lighting offers the Q-sol line of LED disk lights designed using LED chips to mimic the appearance of natural light while providing color temperature options, high CRI, and a glare and flicker free lighting option.

Bay Light Accessories

You can find the accessories you need for TCP Lighting’s bay lights, including cable hanging kits, wire guards, an occupancy sensor, and a motion sensor with TCP Lighting bay light accessories.

Outdoor Lights

TCP Lighting offers a variety of LED outdoor lighting options, including barn lights, post top lights, canopy lights, security lights, area lights, and accessories.

Flood Light

Providing bright lumen options, you can discover an LED flood light that suits your security or accent lighting needs from TCP Lighting.

Batteries & Ballasts

TCP Lighting manufactures ballasts and batteries for their fixtures, including emergency ballasts, ballast adaptors, socket adaptors, batteries, and emergency back-up batteries.

LED Wall Pack

TCP Lighting offers a selection of LED wall packs, including some with an included photocell, non-cutoff, semi-cutoff, black or bronze wall packs.

Where can TCP Lighting bulbs be used?

TCP Lighting offers a wide variety of LED bulbs. They can be used for an array of applications including:

  • Recessed lighting
  • Spot lighting
  • Replacing fluorescent bulbs
  • Ambient lighting and more

How do I know what type of TCP Lighting Bulb I need?

If you are confused or struggling to find the right type of bulb for your construction, renovation, or do-it-yourself project you should check out our blog What are Bulb Bases and Types? This blog will define and show you the different type of applications each bulb and base are used in.

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