TCP Lighting Bulbs

Find the perfect light bulb for your home or business with TCP Lighting's selection of LED light bulbs! Offering over 20 years of lighting experience, TCP Lighting offers a variety of stylish, functional, and unique designs to brighten your space. Browse HomElectrical to find the TCP light bulbs you need!
TCP Lighting Bulbs

TCP Lighting LED T8/T12 Bulbs

TCP Lighting offers a selection of LED tube bulbs, including LED T8, T5, and U-Bend, as well as plug-and-play, hybrid, ballast bypass, or direct wire options.

TCP Lighting LED T9 Bulbs

Brighten a space with TCP Lighting's selection of circline LED T9 tubes which may feature a direct-wire installation and lumen options ranging from 1900lm-2000lm.

TCP Lighting LED PAR30 Bulbs

Find a wide selection of TCP Lighting LED PAR30 bulbs you can use in recessed downlights or track lighting applications.

TCP Lighting LED BR/R Bulbs

Available with a range of color temperature and lumen options, you can discover a TCP Lighting LED BR/R bulb to fit recessed downlighting or display lighting options.

TCP Lighting LED A15/A21/A19 Bulbs

Putting the fun in functional, TCP Lighting offers a selection of LED A15, A19, and A21 bulbs that featuring a decorative internal filament as well as multiple bulb colors alongside a selection of traditional bulb styles.

TCP Lighting LED PAR38 Bulbs

TCP Lighting features LED PAR38 bulbs that offer beam angles for flood or spot lighting, a range of color temperatures, and bright lumen options for use in retail settings, restaurants, or outdoor areas.

TCP Lighting LED PL Bulbs

Find LED PL bulbs that offer plug-and-play or hybrid installation options as well as multiple base and lumen options from TCP Lighting so you can find the one that you need.

TCP Lighting LED G40 Bulbs

For a fun and decorative lighting option, TCP Lighting offers LED G40 bulbs that feature a unique internal filament that provides a special design, including an arrow or cactus, as well as the words LOVE, HOME, and more.

TCP Lighting LED PAR20 Bulbs

For use in areas that require flood or spot lighting, such as track or recessed lighting, TCP Lighting offers LED PAR20 bulbs with a variety of color temperatures, dimming capabilities, and long life hours.

TCP Lighting LED Corn Bulbs

The TCP Lighting LED corn bulb comes in a few style options, including the traditional and t-shaped bulb styles, as well as offering multiple base, wattage, color temperature, and lumen options.

TCP Lighting LED T5 Tubes

TCP Lighting LED T5 bulbs come in direct wire, ballast bypass, and plug-and-play options as well as multiple lengths, G5 base, and various wattage and lumen options.

TCP Lighting LED B11 Bulbs

Choose TCP Lighting to find a selection of stylish LED B11 bulbs with E26 or E12 options so you can find the one that best suits your fixture.

TCP Lighting LED MR16 Bulbs

With a lifespan of about 25,000 hours and a range of color temperatures, you can find TCP Lighting MR16 bulbs for your track lighting, recessed downlighting, and display lighting needs.

TCP Lighting LED PAR16 Bulbs

TCP Lighting offers LED PAR16 bulbs with a range of color temperatures available and an average lifespan of 25,000 hours, you can use them in flood or spot lighting applications such as track lights, recessed downlights, and display lights.

TCP Lighting LED F11 Bulbs

TCP Lighting offers a selection of LED F11 bulbs available in color temperatures ranging from 2400K-5000K and E12 or E26 base.

TCP Lighting LED T06/T10 Bulbs

Discover a selection of LED T10 filament bulbs with a clear or frosted finish and a range of color temperature options from TCP Lighting.

TCP Lighting LED Chandelier Bulb

With a variety of style and base options, TCP lighting provides a selection of LED chandelier, or candelabra, bulbs that you can use for decorative lighting, chandeliers, accent lighting, and more.

TCP Lighting LED G16 Bulbs

The TCP Lighting LED G16 filament style globe bulbs feature an E12 candelabra base, color temperature options between 2700K-5000K, and clear or frosted finish options for a stylish and functional lighting option.

TCP Lighting LED ST19 Bulbs

TCP Lighting offers LED ST19 filament bulbs for use as decorative lighting in table lamps, floor lamps, and chandeliers.

TCP Lighting LED T30 Bulbs

TCP Lighting offers an LED T30 dimmable filament bulb with a warm 2700K color temperature that works well as accent lighting.

TCP Lighting LED G25 Bulbs

As a decorative lighting option, the TCP Lighting LED G25 filament style bulb features a variety of style choices, color temperature options, and dimming capabilities.

TCP Lighting LED R20 Bulbs

With a range of color temperature options, long life hours, and dimming capabilities, TCP Lighting offers LED R20 bulbs suitable for task-oriented spaces as well as hospitality and residential areas.

TCP Lighting LED T6 Bulbs

Find LED T6 filament bulbs featuring dimming capabilities and a selection of color temperature and lumen options from TCP Lighting.

What light bulbs does TCP Lighting offer?

TCP Lighting offers high-performance LED light bulbs for use in commercial and residential applications. They use the highest quality LED chips, drivers, optics, and thermals for their lighting systems for improved LED performance. Their LED bulbs work in various applications, including chandeliers, accent lights, household lighting applications and much more.

TCP LED lighting includes:

  • A19, A21, and A15 bulbs
  • T8 tubes
  • PAR, BR, and R bulbs
  • Globe-type bulbs
  • Chandelier bulbs
  • and more!

You can also style your home with unique and quirky light bulbs! TCP Lighting offers a selection of decorative light bulbs with unique internal designs, like a dog or cat shape, and many other designs.

Why use LED light bulbs?

LED lighting offers many benefits over traditional lighting systems, like fluorescent or incandescent. LED light bulbs operate using a lower wattage which means they use less energy. Over time, their energy efficiency leads to lower energy bills! Additionally, LEDs offer a longer lifespan and give off very little heat, which helps them last longer than their traditional counterparts.

What is the difference between lumens and wattage?

Lumens measure the brightness, or light output, of a bulb. The higher the amount of lumens, the brighter the bulb.

Wattage measures the amount of power, or energy, that a light bulb uses. Wattage does not equal brightness. Certain LED bulbs may use a lower wattage but offer a higher lumen count, meaning a brighter bulb that uses less energy than traditional, equivalent bulbs.

Color temperature measures the color of the light emitted from the bulb. This scale uses Kelvins (K). The lower the color temperature, the warmer, or more yellow, the light appears. The higher the color temperature, the cooler, or bluer, the light appears.

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