TCP Lighting LED T5 Tubes

Replace your old T5 fluorescent tube bulbs with quality LED T5 lamps for an energy efficient way to light up your business! TCP Lighting offers direct-wire, or ballast bypass, options, as well as plug-and-play options available in different sizes. Shop HomElectrical to find the LED T5 tube bulb you need from TCP Lighting!

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Why use LED T5 bulbs?

LED T5 bulbs offer an energy efficient replacement for traditional fluorescent bulbs. LEDs use a fraction of the wattage that fluorescent tube bulbs use which save you money over time! You can also find standard or high output options. High output options offer higher wattages and more light than standard options.

Additionally, TCP Lighting offers select T5 bulbs that feature instant start and instant off for a convenient operation.

Where do you use LED T5 bulbs?

Linear T5 tube bulbs typically see use in linear fixtures. Plug-and-play LED T5 bulbs can replace existing fluorescent light bulbs with no changes to the fixture required. Direct-wire, sometimes referred to as ballast bypass, T5 LED tubes require bypassing the fixture's ballast.

With a color temperature range between 3000K – 5000K, TCP Lighting’s T5 LED tube lights work well brightening a variety of commercial and hospitality locations. Find T5 tubes used in hospitals, offices, schools, lobbies, retail stores, residential areas, and many other locations.

What does T5 mean?

The letter 'T' indicates the type of bulb. In this case, it means tube. The number after the bulb type indicates the diameter of the bulb measured in eighths of an inch or 1/8-inch. For T5 bulbs, they measure 5/8-inch in diameter. They offer a smaller diameter than T8 bulbs or T12 lamps.

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