TCP Lighting LED A15/A21/A19 Bulbs

Brighten up the room with TCP Lighting's A19 and A21 bulbs. These bulbs are perfect for lighting up hotel rooms, office spaces, and many other commercial applications. Give yourself the choice of being able to dim the lights with these dimmable bulbs. They can help you create the right type of am and keep the room well lit at the same time. Explore a variety of LED bulbs only at HomElectrical!

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What is the difference between the A19 and A21 bulb?

These directional light bulbs have, really, only one difference and that is the size of their diameter. This is the number that can be found after the letter 'A.' They can range from having 15-25,000 hour long life spans. These bulbs can be used for a variety of applications from recessed lighting to table lamps.

How long do A19 light bulbs last from TCP Lighting?

These high efficiency LED light bulbs have a long lifespan, lasting almost 25,000 hours. Their long life minimizes the need for maintenance or replacement, and they offer 85% in energy savings.

What applications are ideal for multi-directional LED light bulbs?

A19 and A21 light bulbs from TCP Lighting are ideal for a number of residential and commercial applications including:

  • table lamps
  • wall sconces
  • decorative fixtures
  • floor lamps
  • ceiling fixtures

Which color temperature do I need?

Color temperatures range from warm white to cool white.

  • 2700K - 3000K – provides an ambient, intimate, and personal mood with its warm white light that is ideal for living rooms, family rooms, and hospitality environments.
  • 3500K - 4100K – provides a clean and efficient neutral white light that is ideal for kitchen, bath, garage or commercial applications.
  • 5000K - 6500K -  provides a vibrant and alert cool white light that is ideal for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

color temperature

What is the wattage equivalent of TCP A19 and A21 light bulbs to incandescent light bulbs?

LED  Incandescent
18W 100W
16W 100W
15W 100W
13W 75W


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