TCP Lighting LED B11 Bulbs

Looking for an energy saving LED candelabra bulb for your chandelier? TCP Lighting offers a selection of LED B11 light bulbs that feature either an E12 or E26 base to fit your fixture. Discover TCP Lighting's selection of LED B11 bulbs available at HomElectrical!

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What is a B11 bulb?

B11 bulbs operate as a type of candelabra bulb. The ‘B’ refers to the general shape of the bulb, sometimes referred to as a ‘bullet,’ ‘ammo,’ or ‘torpedo’ shape. The ‘11’ refers to the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch. For B11, this measures 11/8 or 1-3/8 inch in diameter. These bulbs commonly see use in chandeliers, but you can also use them in a string light, ceiling fan light, or other decorative lighting options. With the proper rating, certain bulbs may also work in enclosed fixtures.

TCP Lighting offers a wide variety of B11 bulbs that use either an E12 candelabra base or an E26 medium base. The number following the 'E' refers to the diameter of the base in millimeters. E26 bases measure 26 millimeters in diameter and fit most standard household lighting. The E12 base functions as a smaller base, 12 millimeters, and often sees use in chandeliers.

Additionally, they offer certain B11 bulbs with a filament LED design that provides a uniform light output and stylish look!

Why choose an LED B11 light bulb?

Chandeliers often see use in high, hard to reach locations. LED B11 bulbs offer a long life which means you can change them less frequently. B11 LED light bulbs also offer energy savings when compared to an equivalent B11 incandescent bulb.

What color temperature do I need?

The color temperature you need depends on the ambiance you’re looking for. Low color temperatures provide a warm yellow or soft white light while higher color temperatures provide a bright, cool light.

HomElectrical carries TCP Lighting LED B11 bulbs with color temperatures ranging from 2200K to 5000K.

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