TCP Lighting LED Troffer

TCP Lighting offers a variety of energy efficient LED troffers to help brighten schools, offices, and retail stores! Their selection includes volumetric troffers, dimmable fixtures, back-lit troffers, and much more. Shop HomElectrical to discover a wide variety of TCP Lighting LED troffers.

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What is an LED troffer light?

These ceiling lights feature a rectangular design. Troffers work with a modular drop ceiling, or grid ceilings, often found in commercial and institutional applications like schools, offices, healthcare facilities, or retail stores. LED troffer lights, similar to LED flat panel lights, offer a more energy efficient lighting solution compared to traditional fluorescent troffer fixtures.

What is the difference between troffer and panel lighting?

Troffer and panel lighting differ in appearance. Flat panel fixtures often feature a slimmer profile than troffer lights as well as a straight edge design. Troffer fixtures generally require more space for installation than flat panels.

Why choose TCP Lighting LED troffers?

TCP Lighting offers a wide selection of LED troffers, including 1X4, 2X2, and 2X4 options. Benefits of TCP Lighting LED troffers include:

  • Back-lit options
  • Dimmable fixtures
  • Recessed troffers
  • Volumetric troffers
  • LED direct troffers
  • Variety of lumen and color temperature options


For more information about LED troffers, check out our blog!

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