TCP Lighting Emergency & Exit Light

Maintain your building's safety and stay up to code with emergency and exit signs from TCP Lighting! TCP Lighting offers a green or red exit sign, LED emergency lights, exit sign retrofit kits, and much more. Browse HomElectrical to find a selection of TCP Lighting exit signs and emergency lights!

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What is an emergency light?

Most non-residential buildings in the United States require emergency lighting to stay up to code in the event of an emergency. Additionally, almost all public facilities require exit signs to denote the nearest exit.

Exit signs install near doorways and indicate access to an exit, such as hallways, stairs, corridors, and other exit access locations. Emergency lights provide a bright light to illuminate pathways, exits, and egress paths. This helps reduce panic during emergency situations, like a power outage or fire emergency, by clearly indicating an exit.

What TCP Lighting exit lights and emergency lights do they offer?

TCP Lighting offers a selection of emergency and exit lights to help guide the way in an emergency. You can find LED red and green letter exit signs that use green or red LEDs as well as a selection of emergency lights with additional benefits, such as:

  • Emergency lights with remote capability
  • Emergency lights with self-diagnostic tests
  • Exit and emergency sign combo
  • Double face exit signs
  • Exit signs with battery backup
  • Exit signs with black or white housing
  • Wet location emergency lights
  • Paddle retrofit kits
  • and more!
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