TCP Lighting LED High Bay/Low Bay Light

TCP Lighting offers premium high bay and low bay LED lighting in a variety of wattage, lumens, and Kelvin options. Their high bay lighting adds energy efficiency to warehouses, cafeterias, and auditoriums, while their low bay lighting works well in smaller spaces with lower ceilings. Find energy saving LED high or low bay lighting solutions from TCP Lighting available at HomElectrical!

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What is high bay and low bay lighting?

High bay lighting installs in areas, typically large, open rooms, with a ceiling height higher than 20 feet from the floor up to around 40 feet. High bay lights commonly work in warehouses, but they can also work in factories, processing plants, and other industrial applications with a high ceiling.

Low bay lighting works with ceiling heights between 12 and 20 feet. They often see use lighting retail stores, warehouses, big box stores, gyms, and public buildings.

When deciding between high bay and low bay lighting for your space, the most important factor lies in the ceiling height. High and low bay fixtures may include different beam angles, or beam spreads, as the beam angle can affect visibility and illumination. A high bay can offer beam angles around 60, 90, or 120 degrees. A low bay light fixture typically offers a beam angle of about 120 degrees. Additionally, high bay lighting may use a reflector and a high lumen output to make up for the distance from the floor as well as to avoid shadows.

When should you use UFO vs linear high bays?

UFO high bays offer a circular design, which distributes light in a cone shape. Because of this, they work best in open areas. Using a reflector, you can sharpen the beam angle of a UFO high bay. They also only require one drop point, which means UFOs only connect to the ceiling from one spot. This can make installation easier.

Linear high bays offer a linear, or rectangular, light distribution. This means they work well in narrow areas, like in locations with high shelves or aisles. Linear high bays require two drop points, which makes installation more difficult than UFO high bays.

Choosing between linear or UFO high bay lights can depend on your personal preference and how you want the space to look.

Why choose TCP high bay lights?

TCP Lighting offers a quality selection of high efficiency LED high bay lights and LED low bay lights. TCP Lighting offers UFO high bays which feature a high lumen count and 50,000 life hours. They also offer a selection of linear high bays that can retrofit equivalent HID fixtures, like metal halide fixtures.

Their low and high bay features can include:

  • Color temperatures ranging from 4000K-5000K
  • Dimmable options
  • High lumen options
  • High bays with a 1- or 5-year warranty
  • Options equipped with a motion sensor
  • Options that may work in wet or damp locations

Certain TCP Lighting high bay lights come with mounting hardware included. Additionally, you can find optional accessories sold separately. TCP Lighting offers pendant mount adapters for certain round high bay lights, acrylic refractors, and aluminum reflectors.

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