TCP Lighting LED Panel Light

Brighten offices, schools, retail stores, and more with high quality LED flat panel lights! TCP Lighting provides a wide selection of LED flat panels available with edge-lit or backlit technology as well as dimmable options. Shop HomElectrical to find a quality selection of LED panel lights from TCP Lighting!

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What is an LED flat panel light?

Known for their rectangular shape, an LED flat panel ceiling light fixture can see use in commercial and industrial settings like schools, offices, healthcare facilities, hospitality locations, and retail stores. Flat panel fixtures function similarly to troffer lights but feature a slimmer profile and straight edge design. LED flat panel lights replace traditional fluorescent ceiling lights and may work in modular drop ceilings or grid ceilings.

TCP Lighting offers LED flat panel lights with a slim, low-profile design.

Why choose TCP Lighting LED panel lights?

TCP Lighting offers LED flat panels which can help reduce eye strain and boost productivity. LED flat panels provide an energy efficient lighting alternative to traditional fluorescent flat panels.

Certain TCP Lighting flat panels offer these features:

  • Dimmable
  • Edge lit options
  • Back-lit options
  • 1X4, 2X2, and 2X4 length options
  • Lumen options
  • Color temperature options
  • and more!

What is edge-lit and back-lit?

Edge lit flat panels use LEDs placed on the edge of the frame. Because of this, light emits sideways and utilizes a lens to evenly disperse the light. Edge lit panels illuminate indirectly but feature a thinner design.

Back-lit flat panels use LEDs placed on the back of the frame. These fixtures emit light straight through the diffuser and offer a direct illumination. To provide even illumination, back-lit flat panels require a deeper housing than edge lit panels.

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