EnVision LED

Brighten your residential and commercial spaces with EnVision LED Lighting! A Los Angeles based leader in lighting, EnVision LED offers a quality selection of efficient LED light fixtures. Skillfully developed by engineers, you can find an array of LED high bay lights, canopy fixtures, area lights, and more. Shop HomElectrical to find EnVision LED Lighting products!
EnVision LED

EnVision LED Flush Mount Light

Discover a variety of LED disk light options in a variety of sizes and styles to brighten your new construction or remodel applications.

EnVision LED Downlight

Choose from a wide variety of LED recessed lighting and downlight fixtures, including options that offer benefits like trimless, gimbal, or color selectable!

EnVision LED Panel & Troffer

Choose from a wide selection of edge-lit or back-lit panels, center basket troffers, and selectable CCT fixtures to light your office, school, or commercial space!

EnVision LED Area Light

Shop a wide variety of LED area lights available with different mounting styles, as well as barn lights, post top lights, and sports lights.

EnVision LED Linear Light

Discover a selection of LED linear lights in 2-, 4-, or 8-ft lengths as well as options with a battery backup or motion sensor.

EnVision LED Wall Pack

Brighten your outdoor areas with this selection of LED wall pack lights, including cutoff, open face, adjustable, and rotating fixtures.

EnVision LED T5/T8 Tube

Shop a selection of LED T8 and T5 tubes, including selectable CCT options, emergency lights, U-bend tubes, and more.

EnVision LED Accessories

Shop a variety of accessories design for use with EnVision LED Lighting products, including battery backups, downlight trims, remotes, motion sensors, and more.

EnVision LED Undercabinet Light

Shop a selection of LED puck lights that offer a slim width as well as LED undercabinet bar lights that offer CCT selectable options.

EnVision LED Miniature Indicator Bulb

Find a wide selection of miniature bulbs, including pin based and bayonet base options!

EnVision LED Step Light

Boost the visibility around your staircases with a selection of step lights available with three different face plates so you can find the type that works best for your space!

EnVision LED Flood Light

Shop a wide variety of LED area flood lights and bullet flood light fixtures, including selectable CCT area floods and bullet light fixtures that use efficient LED lighting chips to provide light.

EnVision LED MR11/MR16 Bulb

Upgrade your task lights with energy efficient LED MR16 or MR11 light bulbs!

EnVision LED Bulb

Find the right bulb for you with this selection of LED A19 and A21 light bulbs!

EnVision LED Filament Bulb

Choose from a variety of LED filament bulbs such as candelabra bulbs, tube bulbs, ST64, and more.

EnVision LED Canopy Light

Discover both round and square LED canopy light options with benefits including color temperature selectable, white and bronze color finish options, and more.

Envision LED Exit & Emergency Light

Choose from a variety of LED exit signs, emergency lights, and emergency light and exit sign combos in both green and red lettering.

EnVision LED Strip Light & Tape Light

Shop a variety of LED strip lights including red, blue, and green options to light up your space!

EnVision LED PAR Bulb

Shop a selection of LED PAR30, PAR36, and PAR38 light bulbs available in a variety of lumen and color temperature options.

EnVision LED PL Bulb

Shop a variety of LED PL lamps, including 7W and 11W options with a G24 base.

EnVision LED Corn Bulb

Find a wide variety of LED corn bulbs, including wattage and selectable CCT options!

EnVision LED High Bay Lights

Shop a selection of LED linear and UFO high bay lights that work well in a variety of commercial applications.

EnVision LED Grow Light

Shop a selection of 660W or 960W full spectrum, commercial LED grow light options!

Why choose EnVision LED Lighting, Inc.?

Established in 2010, EnVision LED Lighting has aimed to provide superior lighting products and service at the highest quality. A Los Angeles based LED lighting leader, they offer a series of high efficiency, low energy consuming LED fixtures to help you save money! Their products have been skillfully designed by engineers to suit a range of clients both in the residential and commercial application. They offer an array of LED lighting products, including (but not limited to):

  • High bays
  • Grow lights
  • Area lights
  • Flood lights
  • Light bulbs
  • Panel & troffer fixtures
  • Undercabinet lights
  • Flush mounts
  • and more!

What is the EnVision LED Slim Disk series?

The EnVision Lighting LED Slim disk series consists of disk lights with a slim width of only 5/8-inch. They use AC technology which allows for a slim appearance and easy installation. These one-of-a-kind fixtures also include integrated edge-lit technology and full dimmability. They work well in new construction as well as remodel applications.

You can find round Slimline disks ranging from 5-19 inches. The square options range from 5-12 inches.

What is a wall pack?

Wall packs act as a type of outdoor lighting designed to brighten the exterior of buildings. They create visibility and often see use around walkways, pedestrian areas, garages, and more. They work in outdoor residential, commercial, and hospitality locations.

EnVision LED offers wall packs with an open faced, rotating, or full cut-off design. Open faced, also known as non-cutoff or forward throw, wall packs distribute light outwards. These fixtures work well in large areas, such as entrances, garages, and other public spaces.

Full cut-off fixtures distribute light downwards. This helps prevent light from shining upward and works well in smaller spaces. They often see use brightening spaces such as narrow passageways or as security lighting.

EnVision also offers rotating wall packs. These models allow you to rotate the modules in a complete 360-degree rotation, allowing you to brighten the desired area. They offer both single and double modules.

What is a grow light?

Grow lights act as a substitute for sunlight. They help plants grow indoors using a spectrum of light designed to simulate the colors of light that come from the sun.

EnVision offers LED grow lights designed for commercial use. These full spectrum lights offer adjustable power for any stage of plant life. A linkable connector allows the fixture to daisy chain to multiple lights. They feature eight LED bars compared to the industry standard six.

What is the difference between flood lights and spotlights?

Floodlights offer a short, wide beam angle up to around 120 degrees. They typically see use brightening larger areas. They often work as security lighting or landscape lighting. Spotlights feature a longer, narrower beam, usually no more than 45 degrees wide. They highlight aspects of an area or a specific object.

EnVision offers a variety of flood light options, including bullet floods, which work well for landscape and pathway lighting. They also offer flood light fixtures for use in residential, commercial, and industrial use. Use them to brighten landscapes, pathways, loading areas, and more.

What is an area light?

LED area lights, sometimes referred to as shoebox area lights because of their shape, distribute light over a wide area. They usually see use as outdoor lighting, brightening large areas like sports stadiums and parking lots.

EnVision offers LED area flood lights that work well in general outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, pathways, streets, and loading areas. They can also see use as stadium lighting and offer an exceptional lighting option for car dealerships.

What is an A19 light bulb?

The A in A19 refers to the shape of the bulb. These bulbs resemble an upside down pear. The 19 measures the size of the diameter of the bulb in 1/8 inch. An A19 bulb measures around 19/8 or 2.375 inches.

A19 bulbs often see use in household light fixtures as well as other commercial and residential applications. A21 bulbs offer a similar shape with a slightly larger diameter of 21/8 or 2.625 inches.

Other EnVision LED light bulbs include PAR bulbs, LED filament bulbs, miniature indicator bulbs, MR16, T8 tube bulbs, and more.

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