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Find everything you need for your EnVision LED Lighting products with EnVision LED accessories! Get peace of mind with an LED battery backup or add a stylish new trim to your downlights. EnVision also offers a selection of transformers, remotes, high bay motion sensors, and more. Shop HomElectrical to find the accessories you need with EnVision LED accessories!

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What is a battery backup?

A battery backup helps keep emergency lighting solutions working when you need them. If the primary power gets disconnected, such as during a power outage, the light source switches to the battery backup. This allows fixtures to provide at least 90 minutes of light.

LED battery backups typically see use with LED fixtures in public spaces, such as schools, businesses, hospitals, malls, and more.

What is recessed lighting trim?

Recessed lighting trims refer to the visible part of the lighting fixture. The trim creates a smooth transition between the fixture and the ceiling. They come in a variety of colors to match the ceiling. This helps keep the focus on what the fixtures illuminate instead of the ceiling itself.

Some downlight trim styles direct the light. Wall wash trims illuminate a wall while adjustable trims allow you to adjust the direction of the light. Other options offer purely decorative functions.

EnVision offers downlight trims for specified downlight series. They come in black, copper, white, brushed nickel, and more. They offer round, snap on trims for their SLDSKR slimline disk as well as square, snap on trims for their SLDSKSQ disk lights.

What does a motion sensor do?

Motion sensors, also known as motion detectors, uses a sensor to detect the motion of nearby people and objects. When they sense movement, the sensor turns the light fixture on and, typically after a set period of time, shuts the light off again. They often see use in offices and other professional spaces to help save money on electricity.

EnVision LED Lighting offers a variety of motion sensor options for designated fixtures. They offer motion sensors for specified wall packs, linear high bays, and more.

Why choose EnVision LED Lighting?

A Los Angeles leader in lighting, EnVision LED Lighting provides an array of LED lighting products. Discover a selection of light fixtures ranging from LED downlights to high bay lights to wall packs. They also offer light bulb options, including A19, T5, T8, corn bulbs, and more.

The accessories they offer include:

  • Downlight trims
  • Reflectors
  • Drivers
  • Motion Sensors
  • Mounting options
  • Transformers
  • Wire guards
  • Lenses
  • And more!
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