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Highlight your landscape with the right LED flood light fixture! EnVision LED Lighting offers a selection of LED flood lights, including area flood and bullet flood lights, to brighten your outdoor spaces. Shop HomElectrical to find a wide variety of LED flood lights!

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What is a bullet flood light?

Bullet flood lights direct a narrow beam of light towards an object and often see use highlighting specific aspects of a landscape. They illuminate and draw attention to trees, shrubbery, statues, sculptures, and other decorative outdoor characteristics.

EnVision LED offers LED bullet flood lights with a 40 degree beam angle. These energy efficient fixtures work in wet locations and can see use in residential, commercial, or industrial applications. Use them in landscape lighting, as a general outdoor light, or to brighten pathways, streets, or loading areas.

What is the beam angle?

The beam angle, or beam spread, of a light indicates the angle at which the light emits or distributes from the fixture. This measures the angular dimension of the cone of light from the lamp. The type of beam angle you need depends on the space. The wrong beam angle can create shadows and make it hard to walk around without bumping into anything. For flood and spotlights, the right beam angle can make sure you’re highlighting the right object.

Spotlights give off a long, narrow beam of light, typically no wider than 45 degrees. They often provide a concentrated light that highlights a specific object or area.

Flood lights can cast a short, wide beam angle up to 120 degrees. They typically brighten larger areas and can see use as security lighting.

EnVision LED area flood lights feature a Type 3 beam angle, or light distribution. Type 3 light distributions work in large areas, like roadway lighting, general lighting, and general parking areas. They feature a preferred lateral width of 40 degrees and works in areas where the width of the roadway or area does not exceed 2.75 times the mounting height.

What is an area light?

The term ‘area light’ encompasses a wide variety of fixtures that brighten large outdoor areas. You can often find shoebox area lights that work in parking lots, but you can also find flood lights that work as landscape lighting or security lighting.

Why choose LED?

LED lights offer an energy efficient alternative to traditional metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures. LED can provide up to 70% energy savings compared to their traditional counterparts.

EnVision LED area flood lights offer an L70 lumen maintenance rating at 70,000 hours. This means that they can last up to 70,000 hours before the light dims to 70% of its brightness level.

Why choose EnVision?

EnVision LED Lighting offers a wide variety of LED flood light options. They offer fixtures suitable for wet locations. They can see use in residential, commercial, and industrial use. Use them in general lighting and landscape lighting applications or use them to brighten pathways, streets, or loading docks.

EnVision offers a wide variety of mini LED area flood lights, like this 50 watt LED area flood light, that feature a selectable CCT. The color temperature refers to the color of the white light emitted by the bulb. Color temperature selectable fixtures allow you to choose the color temperature that best suits your space. That way, you avoid the hassle of having to return the fixture if it’s the wrong color temperature.

Their mini BOLT series of area flood lights work in wet locations and feature an IP65 rating. Some options may come with a 1/2-in knuckle mount. They offer a trunnion option available for bronze fixtures only. Their slip fitter/straight arm SFA option comes with some 80W fixtures, like this area flood fixture.

EnVision LED flood lights also include bullet flood lights with a knuckle mount that feature either a 3000K or 5000K color temperature and use efficient LED lighting chips to provide light. They’re compatible with on/off sensors and photocells.

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