EnVision LED Miniature Indicator Bulb

Illuminate your landscapes, stairways, or low voltage fixtures with EnVision LED miniature indicator bulbs! EnVision LED offers mini bulbs in various sizes, styles, and base types. Shop HomElectrical to find energy efficient EnVision LED mini bulbs!

What is a miniature bulb?

Mini light bulbs, also called miniature light bulbs or miniature indicator bulbs, come in smaller sizes than traditional bulbs. They fit in spaces that cannot fit a traditionally sized bulb, like puck lights, some pendant lights, and some stairway lights. They may work in more specialized locations as well, such as flashlights, car headlights, microscopes, projectors, and vehicles.

Due to their smaller size, they often use low voltage. You can find 12 volt miniature lamps from EnVision LED Lighting.

What are the standard light bulb bases?

For traditional household bulbs, you can typically find screw-in bases, like the standard E26 medium base or the E12 base commonly used with candelabra bulbs. For miniature bulbs, they often use a bi-pin base or bayonet base.

Bi-pin bases, like G4 or G9 bases, include two pins that push into the socket. The base type begins with the letter ‘G’ followed by the number of millimeters between each pin. For example, a G4 pin uses pins spaced 4 millimeters apart. A G9 uses pins spaced 9 millimeters apart. Envision also offers a 5W G9 bulb that uses a G9 looped base.

You can also find single contact bayonet bases, sometimes called an SC bayonet base. A single contact bayonet base pushes into the socket, turns, and locks into place. They feature a single point of contact. You can also find miniature bulbs that use DC bayonet bases, also known as dual or double contact bayonet bases.

Why choose EnVision LED mini bulbs?

EnVision offers a wide variety of LED mini bulb options to swap out less efficient halogen bulbs. Their options include:

  • T3
  • G9
  • GY6.35
  • Bayonet base

EnVision offers mini bulbs that work well in low voltage lighting, landscape lighting, stairway lighting, pendant lighting, and more.

Their LED T3 bulbs, like this 2.5W bulb, use a G4 base and were made with high quality silicone that doesn’t turn yellow. They also offer bayonet base bulbs, like this 3W bulb.

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