EnVision LED Flush Mount Light

Keep your home well lit with the right EnVision LED flush mount light! EnVision LED disk light fixtures come in a variety of sizes, color temperatures, and trim colors to match your space. Shop HomElectrical to find a wide selection of EnVision LED Lighting surface lights!

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What is flush mounted lighting?

Flush mount, also called surface mount, lights install flush against the ceiling. This means no gap exists between the ceiling and the fixture. Flush mount fixtures work well in rooms with low ceilings because of the lack of overhead clearance. They often feature a bowl shape to accommodate a replaceable bulb.

What is a disk light?

Disk, or disc, lights function as a slim LED fixture, usually about one inch tall. These low-profile fixtures look a lot like recessed fixtures. But, instead of installing in a hole in the ceiling, like a recessed fixture, they mount to the surface of the ceiling. This can help save on installation costs and don’t require cutting a hole in the ceiling, risking an air leak.

What is the difference between flush mount and semi-flush mount?

Flush mount fixtures install flush against the ceiling with no visible stem. Semi-flush mounts include a stem between the ceiling and the light source. These lights usually hang down from the ceiling, though not as far as pendant or chandelier fixtures.

Additionally, semi-flush mounts typically offer a more decorative design than flush mount fixtures. However, flush mounts provide the most overhead clearance. So flush mount lights work best in rooms where space presents an issue.

Why choose EnVision LED surface mount fixtures?

EnVision LED Lighting offers a selection of LED flush mount fixtures that feature a low-profile design. You can find their Trimless, Cusp, and SlimLine flush mount fixtures.

The Trimless fixtures feature an ultra-thin, easy-to-install design that blends seamlessly into the ceiling. These fixtures feature a super thin modern frame and come with either a white, black, or brushed nickel finish.

The Cusp fixtures feature a slim aluminum body and come in 4-, 6-, or 8-inch options. The translucent diffuser reduces glare. You can choose fixtures with a white, bronze, brushed nickel, or black trim.

The Slimline disk lights include an edge-lit design for even light distribution. EnVision’s SlimLine disk lights use driverless AC LED technology which allows for a slimmer, simpler fixture with no need for a driver. These fixtures come in round or square designs with a slim width of only 5/8-inch. Choose from 5-, 7-, 12-, 15-, or 19-inch fixtures.

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