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Illuminate your home or business with the perfect LED downlight from EnVision LED Lighting! EnVision offers a wide variety of LED downlights, including CCT selectable options, gimbal, trimless, and more. Shop HomElectrical to find EnVision LED Lighting downlight fixtures!

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What is a downlight?

Downlights, often called recessed lights or can lights, install into an opening in the ceiling. They direct light downward to brighten the area below. These fixtures work well in spaces without room for a hanging light. You can often find them used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and closets.

A downlight fixture includes the housing, electrical components, trim, and bulb. The housing holds the electrical components and installs inside the ceiling. The trim consists of the visible area around the fixture. The bulb then fits inside the fixture to produce light.

You can also find canless recessed light fixtures. Much like traditional can lights, these fixtures also install in the ceiling. However, traditional can lights use a can that accommodates a replaceable bulb. These cans can take up quite a bit of ceiling space when installing. Canless LED recessed lights offer a slimmer option using integrated LEDs instead of a replaceable bulb. They use a slim housing that takes up much less ceiling space. EnVision LED Lighting offers some canless options, like this 8-in 18W downlight, which do not require housing.

What is the difference between recessed lighting and downlighting?

Downlighting directs light downward. In the same sense, uplighting directs light upwards and wall wash fixtures wash a wall in light.

Downlights function as a type of recessed lighting that typically installs in the ceiling. However, you can find recessed lights that may install in the ground, to provide uplighting, or as wall wash lights to highlight a wall. These fixtures provide ambient light, accent light, or wall washing in homes and businesses.

How do I choose a downlight?

When deciding on the right LED downlight, you have many factors to consider, including:

  • Lumens & Watts - Lumens measure the brightness of an LED. Wattage measures the amount of energy the fixture consumes. Ideally, you want to choose a low wattage fixture that still provides the correct amount of light. LED can do just that!
  • Dimmability - consider fixtures that would allow you to raise or lower the brightness. This means you can adjust for a brighter light during the day, when you’re working, and a lower light in the evening, when you’re beginning to wind down for the night. Dimmers can also help save energy!
  • Beam angle - different rooms may require different beam angles. Wider beam angles, around 60 degrees, give off a soft, diffuse light that would work well in a living room. But a kitchen may require a narrower beam that gives a more concentrated light suitable for tasks. Additionally, you can find fixtures that offer a fixed or adjustable beam. Fixed beams direct light downward. Adjustable beams feature a gimbal or eyeball design that can adjust the beam angle to suit the requirements of the space.
  • Color temperature - the color temperature measures the color of the white light emitted by the bulb. 2000K-3000K color temperature offers a warm white that works well in living rooms and bedrooms. 3100K-4500K offers a bright white light that may see use in general lighting. 4600K-6500K appear similar to daylight and commonly see use in commercial or industrial locations. EnVision LED offers color temperature selectable options.
  • CRI - the Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how well the light renders the color of an object compared to natural sunlight. On a scale from 0-100, the higher the number, the better, or more accurately, it renders the colors. A score of about 80-90 or above will offer an accurate color rendering.
  • IC rating - Insulated Contact rated recessed fixtures can safely install in insulation without running a safety risk. If you plan to install lights into an insulated ceiling, you need IC rated fixtures.

Why choose EnVision LED downlights?

Established in 2010, Envision LED Lighting is a Los Angeles based company that provides an array of LED lighting products to help you save money. Their series of high efficiency, low energy consuming LED products suit a wide range of clients in both residential and commercial applications. Skillfully designed by engineers, EnVision LED Lighting products aim to provide lighting products and service at the highest quality.

They offer a vast selection of LED downlights, including their SnapTrim fixtures. The SnapTrim fixtures installation allows you to install the fixture into the ceiling, power the J-Box to the switch, and ‘snap’ the trim flush.

EnVision LED recessed lighting and downlight options include:

  • Gimbal adjustable fixtures
  • Color temperature selectable options
  • Trimless
  • Commercial fixtures
  • Mini downlights
  • Round or square options
  • Dimmable fixtures
  • Energy Star rated

EnVision downlight fixtures work in a variety of locations. They can see use in residential and commercial lighting applications, in new construction or remodels, and general recessed lighting applications. Some options work in drywall, drop ceilings, or sloped ceilings.

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