EnVision LED Undercabinet Light

Brighten your countertop spaces with undercabinet light! EnVision offers LED undercabinet bar lights and puck lights to brighten the area below. Use them in undercabinet, hospitality, and residential lighting. Shop HomElectrical’s catalog to find EnVision LED undercabinet lights and other home improvement options!

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Where should you mount undercabinet lights?

Undercabinet lights install on the underside of a cabinet. You can place them in the front, middle, or back to supply different types of lighting.

Placing them closer towards the back brightens up the backsplash area and works well for ambient or accent lighting. But this leaves the front of counter in shadows. To supply task lighting, place the lights closer to the front. This exposes more of the countertop and less of the backsplash. Placing them in the middle provides light to both the backsplash and the front of your countertops.

Should undercabinet lights be cool or warm?

You can commonly find color temperatures ranging from 3000K-5000K used in kitchen lighting. The color temperature you choose comes down to personal preference but some options work better for certain areas than others.

Cooler color temperatures, around 4000K, gives off a bright, crisp light and provides the best option for task lighting. Warmer temperatures, around 3000K, provides a soft, warm white light that works well for ambient lighting.

Do undercabinet lights use a lot of electricity?

Undercabinet lighting typically uses a low wattage. LED lights use even less energy than their traditional counterparts. EnVision LED Lighting offers fixtures ranging from 3W up to 18W.

Do LED undercabinet lights get hot?

Some undercabinet lights, like xenon and halogen lights, can produce enough heat to damage the food or objects stored inside or underneath the cabinet. LED lights generate less heat than their traditional counterparts. This allows you to use LED under cabinet light fixtures without ruining the freshness of the food or damaging cabinets.

What fixtures can you use for undercabinet lights?

Undercabinet lighting comes in a variety of types such as light bars, puck lights, strip lights, or rope lights.

An LED light bar provides an even, uniform light. Some fixtures may link together to operate on the same switch. They work well under kitchen cabinets.

A puck light appears similar to a hockey puck. They create pools of light instead of a continuous beam. Because they cannot cover the same length of space as other options, they require proper spacing to avoid shadows. They may be battery powered or use line or low voltage.

A strip light, also known as a tape light, consists of a flexible strip with embedded LEDs. They often include an adhesive backing to stick to the surface for easy installation.

A rope light consists of a flexible, cylindrical tube that encases a light source. The tube allows the light to shine through. Rope lights primarily sees use as a decorative light.

Why choose EnVision LED undercabinet lights?

EnVision LED under cabinet light fixtures include linear and puck light options that work well in undercabinet, hospitality, or residential lighting.

Their undercabinet bar lights range from 4W up to 18W and come in white or bronze color finishes. They include selectable CCT options that offer you a choice between five color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. They can link together using a linkable connector.

Their undercabinet puck lights offer a slim width of less than 1/2 inch and can recess into the ceiling or surface mount. They come in either 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K. These 3W fixtures provide 300 lumens. You can link together the puck lights with the male and female connectors integrated on the puck.

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