Industrial Lighting Products

Industrial Lighting Products

ILP LED Strip Light

For general lighting, use ILP Strip Lights for quality, affordable linear lights suitable for residential or commercial applications.

ILP LED Flat Panels

For low profile general lighting, shop ILP LED Flat Panels with models available in different sizes to suit your needs.


Confidently illuminate spaces with ILP LED UFO High Bay for garages, warehouses, or other high ceiling spaces with large footprints.

ILP LED Vapor Tight Light

For durable, sealed linear lighting use ILP LED Vapor Tight Lights for adverse environments containing dirt, dust, debris, or water.

ILP LED Flood Light

Illuminate wide outdoor spaces with ILP Flood Lights featuring adjustable mounting options to set the lights at any angle.

ILP LED Troffer

Retrofit fluorescent troffer light fixtures with ILP LED Troffer lights for brighter, longer-lasting LED lights which save energy and money.

ILP Linear LED High Bay

Illuminate high ceiling spaces with ILP Linear LED High Bay designed to provide powerful general lighting for workers in warehouses or garages.

ILP LED Canopy Light

Shop ILP LED Canopy Lights for covered outdoor light fixtures suited for general lighting under awnings, parking garages, or other canopy structures.

ILP LED Wall Pack

For a discreet wall light fixture purchase ILP LED Wall Packs to illuminate large outdoor spaces for safety and security.
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