ILP Linear LED High Bay

ILP Lighting’s linear high bay lights have a sleek, architectural design to suit industrial spaces like warehouses, manufacturing plants, and more. Get your ILP linear high bays from HomElectrical today!

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Where are linear high bays used?

High bay lights are designed to be installed on high ceilings. Linear high bays, because of their long, rectangular lamp shape, are ideal for spaces with aisles or an elongated layout. As opposed to circular fixtures that may leave shadows in between each one, linear lights provide continuous, even stretches of light. Grocery stores, factories, and airports often use linear high bays to illuminate aisles, hallways, and walkways.

ILP’s linear high bays are made for applications such as gymnasiums, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers. ILP Lighting also offers linear high bays with sensors for entryway monitoring, as well as fixtures made specifically for damp locations.

How to hang linear high bay lights?

Linear high bay lights are typically either surface mount or suspended mount fixtures. Surface mount linear high bays attach directly to the ceiling, while suspended mounts hang the fixture from the ceiling via a chain, cord, cable, or other wiring attachment. The fixtures usually have built in attachment points on the casing to allow for easy installation.

ILP Lighting’s linear high bays are suspended-mount fixtures, with abilities for dual point chain or cable hanging. They have standard mounting attachments that allow for easy installation.

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