NaturaLED offers some of the finest innovations in LED lighting technology for your residential and commercial lighting projects. They provide a complete line of both residential and commercial LED lights for indoor and outdoor applications. Their products are ideally designed for residential lighting, retail lighting, office lighting, public and factory lighting, and industrial applications. Find a full selection of NaturaLED products at HomElectrical!

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NaturaLED LED Floodlight

Use NaturaLED LED floodlights, sports lights, and bullet lights to illuminate areas, signs, facades, and more.

NaturaLED LED Bollard Lights

Featuring flat and round top options, you can brighten your walkways, pathways, and entryways with NaturaLED LED bollard lights.

NaturaLED LED Tube

Discover LED tubes, including 2-ft T8 tubes and an LED electronic ballast option, from NaturaLED.

NaturaLED LED Wall Pack

Uncover NaturaLED LED wall packs to help you illuminate building entrances, apartment buildings, and stairwells.

NaturaLED LED Bulb

Shop NaturaLED LED bulbs to find a selection of LED bulbs, including chandelier and MR16 bulbs, to meet your lighting needs.

NaturaLED LED Retrofit Downlight

Replace inefficient lighting with NaturaLED LED retrofit downlights for an energy and cost saving lighting option.

NaturaLED LED Flat Panel

With 1X4, 2X2, and 2X4 size options, as well as emergency driver and dimmable options, you can find the NaturaLED LED flat panel that best suits your area.

NaturaLED Accessories

Find the accessories you need, such as an LED emergency driver with mounting kit or step-down transformer options, with NaturaLED accessories.

NaturaLED Power Cords

Find 30-ft power cable cords available from NaturaLED.

NaturaLED Work Light

Find portable and temporary LED work lights from NaturaLED.

NaturaLED LED Area and Security Light

Brighten outdoor areas like warehouses, garages, schools, and more with NaturaLED’s selection of LED area and security lights.

NaturaLED Street Light

Illuminate parking garages, walkways, and more with NaturaLED LED streetlights.

NaturaLED Flush Mount

Brighten your kitchen, hallways, or bedroom with an LED flush mount ceiling fixture from NaturaLED.

NaturaLED LED Linear Fixture

Add quality lighting to parking garages, educational facilities, storage facilities, and much more with NaturaLED LED linear fixtures.

NaturaLED LED Canopy

Illuminate canopies, covered walkways, entrances, and more with the NaturaLED LED canopy fixture.

NaturaLED LED Troffer

Brighten schools, healthcare facilities, and other commercial appliactions with LED troffers from NaturaLED.

NaturaLED High/Low Bay LED Fixture

Offering LED linear high bays as well as wire guard and emergency driver options, you can illuminate large areas in industrial and commercial areas with high/low bay LED fixtures from NaturaLED.

Why naturaLED?

naturaLED brings you some of the most innovative LED lighting products designed for residential lighting, retail lighting, office lighting, public & factory lighting, and industrial applications.

How do naturaLED lights save money?

LED lights produce brighter light while using less energy, so they last longer and require less maintenance than traditional incandescent bulbs. The typical lifetimes of LED bulbs are quoted to be 25,000 to 100,000 hours.

What certifications do naturaLED lights have?

naturaLED lights hold many certifications including: DLC certification, Title 24 for Building Energy Efficiency Standards, ENERGY STAR , and more!

What features set naturaLED lights apart?

naturaLED is set apart by its superior performance and innovative designs. naturaLED carries a complete line of both residential and commercial products that are ideal for indoor and outdoor solutions whether it's for residential lighting, retail lighting, office lighting, public and factory lighting, or industrial applications.
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