NaturaLED LED Floodlight

NaturaLED's classic floodlight provides energy efficient floodlighting solutions with a wide light distribution. The two wattages options provide a versatile choice for many applications like façade, area, and sign lighting. Also, these floodlights are attached with knuckle mounts so they have a wide angle adjustable position from 30 to 90 degrees.

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What is a Floodlight?

A floodlight is used to light a scene or object to a level much brighter than its surroundings. Usually floodlights can be aimed at the object or area of interest.

What are the ideal locations for a Floodlight?

Floodlights are ideal for many applications including area lighting, spot luminaires, architectural lighting, general site illumination, and signage lighting.

What are the advantages of LED technology?

LEDs produce brighter light using less energy so they last longer and require less maintenance. The typical lifetimes of LED bulbs are quoted to be 25,000 to 100,000 hours.

What color temperature do I need?

Color temperatures range from warm white to cool white.

  • 2700K - 3000K – provides an ambient, intimate, and personal mood with its warm white light that is ideal for living rooms, family rooms, and hospitality environments.
  • 3500K - 4100K – provides a clean and efficient neutral white light that is ideal for kitchen, bath, garage or commercial applications.
  • 5000K - 6500K -  provides a vibrant and alert cool white light that is ideal for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

color temperature

What is the equivalent wattage to my fluorescent light?

LEDs (Watts) CFLs (Watts)
13W 75W
28W 175W
29W 175W
50W 250W
58W 250W


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