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HomElectrical offers a variety of emergency lights and exit signs for your convenience. Our selection of safety signs are sure to comply with your building's fire codes and safety regulations. These energy saving LED signs feature a wide range of design from single to dual combinations. Whether you're looking for hardwired or battery operated, you are sure to find the most reliable exit and emergency sign for your building. Shop with us today for all your safety needs! 
Mark exits and light pathways with exit light combos available with red or green text and adjustable light fixture heads.
Shop HomElectrical’s selection of emergency lights to keep your building lit during power outages.
Mark points of exit with eye-catching exit signs designed to stay lit when power goes out in emergency situations.
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What is the difference between an emergency light and an exit sign?

An emergency light is a battery-backed light that switches on automatically when a building experiences a power outage. They are usually placed in stairwells, hallways, and at designated exit points to guide occupants to the safest pathways out of the building.

An exit sign is used to signify the location of the nearest exit in case of an emergency. There may be multiple exit signs in different colors to help designate primary and secondary exit locations. Both devices help lead people to safety in the event of an emergency and work best when used simultaneously.

Does the color of the emergency sign matter on the location (red v green)?

Federal regulations require that all exit routes must be illuminated and highlighted with exit signs. Although this safety regulation is enforced by OSHA, they leave the the color restrictions up to the state. Some states require red exit signs, while others require green exit signs. Some allow either color, and some states require both colors to differentiate primary exits from secondary exits. Always check with your local city fire safety code to ensure that you are following the right guidelines. 

Are the lights battery powered or hardwired?

All of our emergency exit lights and exit signs come with a dual ballast. The dual ballast runs on less than 3 Watts of normal electrical power, and they also include a 90-minute battery backup. Should electrical power fail, the sign will illuminate brightly to show you the nearest way out. Learn more about Safety Exit & Emergency Signs!

Where are emergency signs placed and is there a regulation of where they need to be placed?

Emergency lighting should be used in high occupancy residential and commercial buildings to ensure the safety and security of the occupants. Emergency lights should be placed in stairwells, hallways, and at designated exit points to guide the safest pathways out of the building. All access to exits must be marked by visible exit signs. Emergency exit signs have an arrow identifying the location of the direction of travel to the nearest exit. This may not be be immediately apparent or the direction of exit is determined by the local fire marshal.

How often do I have to test my emergency light?

According to NFPA requirements, emergency lighting systems should be tested periodically for a minimum of 30 seconds. To test, simply hold and push the "push to test" button on the exterior of the sign for 30 seconds.
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