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HomElectrial offers a variety of emergency lights that are perfect for high occupancy residential and commercial buildings. Our LED emergency lights comply with state building and fire codes and are easy to install.  These energy saving LED emergency lights are great for a variety of applications that offer optimal short circuit protection and feature a backup battery in the event of power outages. Keep your occupants safe and shop for the perfect emergency light today!

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Do I have to program my emergency light to turn on during an outage, or will immediately turn on?

During a power outage, a fully charged emergency light battery will last for 90 minutes. This innovative low-voltage LED technology completely eliminates the need for a bulky battery and is virtually maintenance-free. 

How long do emergency lights last before needing to be changed out?

All emergency lights are dual powered, and include a sealed lead calcium (lead-acid) backup battery. These batteries come in variety of voltages, from 6V to 24 VDC. The higher the voltage, the brighter the emergency lights will illuminate. In the case of a power outage, these batteries should last for 90 minutes. Per OSHA regulation, you should perform regularly scheduled maintenance checks monthly and annually. Pressing the test button should trip the AC power, and activate the battery. If the lights don't come on, or last for 90 minutes exactly, then it is time to replace your battery!

What is the difference between maintained and non maintained emergency lighting?

Maintained Emergency Lighting: These type of emergency lights are designed to be used for day-to-day lighting and emergency lighting. In the event of a power outage, these lights can easily switch from AC to battery power.

Non-Maintained Emergency Lighting: This type of emergency light is only used during emergency situations. Unlike maintained lighting, these LED signs only come on in the event of a power failure.

What is a sustained emergency light?

Sustained emergency lights usually feature two lamps: one for day-to-day lighting and the other for emergencies. These types of emergency lights are commonly used in amphitheaters, movie theaters, and other entertainment arenas where fire exits and escape routes are illuminated during performances. 
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