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HomElectrical offers a variety of exit signs that comply with your local fire safety codes and national building regulations. Featuring a variety of design options, from red exit letters with a white housing to green lettering, you will easily find the perfect LED exit sign for your building today. Shop our full selection of emergency exit signs today all at discounted wholesale prices!

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When is an exit sign required?

An exit sign is a device used in public facilities to visibly announce the nearest exit location in case of an emergency. They must be clear of decorations or equipment, which may impair visibility. Access to exits must be marked by visible signs in all cases where the exit or way to reach it is not immediately visible to the occupants. 

How many exit signs are required in buildings/offices?

Most commercial spaces and office buildings must have two exit routes. Exit signs should be posted along all corridors, hallways, stairwells, entryways, and exits that indicate the direction to the nearest safe exit. According to OSHA standards, "all exits and exit access doors shall be marked by an approved exit sign readily visible from any direction of travel. Exit sign placement shall be such that no point in an exit access corridor or exit passageway is more than 100 feet from the nearest visible exit sign.

Do exit signs come with a backup battery pack, or just the exit light combo?

All emergency lighting fixtures are designed to automatically illuminate in the event of a power failure. According to OSHA standards, all emergency power systems should consist of a storage battery backup or generator power system. 

Where are exit signs used and how high up do they need to be?

The Life Safety Code, NFPA 101, requires a minimum level of visibility for exit signs. Emergency exit signs should be installed no less than 80 inches above the floor. The word "EXIT" should be illuminated with letters that are at least 6 inches high and 3/4 wide.
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