Exit Light Combo

Exit sign & emergency combination lights give you the best of both worlds. These energy saving LED lights are ideal in emergency situations because they provide direction to the nearest exit and an installed backup battery allows them to remain lit in the event of a power outage. Save on these maintenance-free safety signs at Homelectrical and shop for the perfect light combo today!

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What color do exit signs have to be?

  • Green-in most regions, including the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and others the exit signs have green lettering and usually use a pictogram depicting a person running or exiting a door instead of the word. In these regions, the color red is used to show prohibited activities, so it is not helpful for those looking for an exit.
  • Red-in the United States and Canada exit signs can either have red or green lettering, but it is usually red. This is because of states or cities enacting building codes which specify the signs color.

Does it matter if my exit light combo has black or white housing?

Choosing between white or black exteriors for your emergency light fixtures depends on where they will be installed. For theaters and areas that require minimal visibility, black housing exit signs are popular. White housing exit signs are most common in areas such as shopping malls or hospitals where they can accompany any wall decor. 

Does every exit light combo come with a battery back up?

According to OSHA regulations and fire safety codes, all emergency lighting fixtures must either be battery or generator operated in the event of a power outage. Batteries should be rechargeable and compliant with NEC regulations. Always check your local fire codes first!

Where is the best place to put an exit light combo light?

According  to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Life Safety Code, all exit routes, hallways, stairs, and ramps must have emergency lighting installed. All Exit Signs must be properly illuminated by a reliable light source, with a minimum of 5 foot-candles on the illuminated surface. These LED light signs should be visible to all occupants in the building to ensure their safety. 

Am I required to have a exit light combo in my building?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) you are required to have all exits marked with approved signs that are viable throughout the evacuation path. Combination exit signs and emergency lights give you the best of the both worlds and are suitable for illuminating exit routes. Always be sure to check with your local fire safety codes to make sure! 
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