LED Linear Fixture

LED linear fixtures like the downlight and volumetric LED panels serve as a cost-effective replacement for the traditional fluorescent troffers. Whether you're working on a new construction or a remodel, find an LED linear fixture that provides Energy Star qualified lighting in a variety of sizes.
Stand up to harsh environments with vapor tight fixtures for use in commercial applications, available in a variety of lengths.
Illuminate under cabinet areas, countertops, kitchens, and other areas with LED under cabinet lighting, available in a range of sizes as well as lumen and color temperatures.
Brighten a workshop, warehouses, or garage using a selection of LED utility lights, available in multiple length options and styles, including select options that offer a motion sensor.

LED Linear Fixture Accessories

Find accessories for LED linear fixtures, including sensor box and motion sensor kits, power cords, connectors, mounting options, replacement lenses, and more.

LED Linear Shop Light

Replace inefficient lighting in garages, warehouses, and workshops with LED linear shop lights, including flush mount and pull chain mounting fixtures and options equipped with a motion sensor.
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What is an LED linear fixture?

LED Linear fixtures are directional light sources that use semiconductors to convert electricity into light. Linear fixtures feature a rectangular shape similar to old incandescent fixtures.

What are the advantages of an LED linear fixture?

LED linear fixtures are much more efficient, long lasting, require much less maintenance than other light sources. They are also eco-friendly.

Where should an LED linear fixture be used?

An LED linear fixture is ideal for places where fluorescent lights have traditionally been used, including office spaces, classrooms, health care facilities, and retail stores.

What is the equivalent wattage to my fluorescent light?

LEDs (Watts) CFLs (Watts)
4-5 8-12
6-8 13-18
9-11 18-22
12-14 23-31
15-22 32-54
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