ETi Lighting

ETI Lighting is a leading distributor of high quality commercial LED lighting solutions, such as high bays, ceiling fixtures, linear tubes, flat panels, downlights, LED drivers, and more. Their lighting fixtures provide an energy efficient and color consistent brightness to any residential or commercial lighting application.
ETi Lighting

ETi LED Ceiling Fixture

Shop for ETi LED Ceiling Fixtures featuring basic and innovative designs available in different styles and lumen options.

ETi LED Linear Fixture

Shop for ETi LED Linear Fixtures offered in a variety of lights suited for general lighting, under cabinets, harsh environments, and greenhouses.

ETi LED Security Light

Ensure building perimeter safety and security with ETi LED Security Lights with select models featuring dusk to dawn photocell sensors or emergency lighting.

ETi LED High Bay Fixture

Illuminate warehouses, garages, and more using ETi LED high bay lights available in UFO or linear style fixtures.

ETi LED Downlight

Purchase an ETi LED Downlight for high quality LED ceiling lights that save space while providing subtle, low-profile designs.

ETi LED Tube

Improve your linear light fixtures with ETi LED Tubes suited for residential or commercial settings.

ETi LED Accessories

Shop for ETi LED Accessories to add style or function to ETi LED light fixtures to suit your needs.

ETi LED Outdoor Light

Choose ETi LED Outdoor Lights featuring durable bulk head light fixtures suitable to withstand any weather condition.

ETi Street Area Light

Keep streets safely lit with ETi Street Area Lights designed to illuminate large areas and safe to use in wet locations.

ETi LED Wall Pack

Light areas surrounding a building with ETi LED Wall Packs featuring semi cut-off and full cut-off options and select models featuring photocells.

ETi Emergency and Exit Lights

Purchase ETi Emergency and Exit Lights to ensure the safety of building occupants with marked exits in case of an emergency.

ETi LED Flat Panel

Replace fluorescent lights with ETi LED Flat Panels which save more ceiling space, shine brighter, and last longer than traditional panel lighting.

What are the different types of LED ceiling fixtures?

Round flush mounted ceiling fixture: These are perfect replacements to traditional 75W incandescent lamps, and are commonly used in bedrooms, hallways, hospitals, offices, schools, and other residential and commercial applications.

Linear flush mounted ceiling fixture: These ceiling fixtures can replace most 17W fluorescent light fixtures, and are commonly found in garages, commercial kitchens, school hallways, office buildings, and more.

Spin light ceiling fixture: These ceiling fixtures are commonly used in garages, utility closets, laundry rooms, basements, and other residential and commercial applications. They often feature a pull chain, and are more energy efficient than traditional lighting fixtures, such as fluorescent or incandescent lamps.

What spaces are high bay light fixtures ideal for?

LED high bay light fixtures from ETi Lighting are the perfect lighting solution for illuminating large open spaces with very high ceilings. They come in a variety of lumen outputs, color temperatures, wattages, and have a longer lifespan when compared to traditional fluorescent lamps. LED high bay fixtures are ideal for manufacturing plants, gymnasiums. auditoriums, and warehouses, because they can produce powerful, bright light of 30,000 lumens or more.
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