LED Tube

Replace your old fluorescent T8 bulbs or T10 and T12 fixtures with an LED tube. HomElectrical offers a variety of LED tube lights at the lowest wholesale prices! Upgrade to LED technology and reduce your energy consumption by as much as 85%.
Replace inefficient fluorescents with HomElectrical’s T8/T12 LED Tube section, with LED tubes available in many length options as well as ballast bypass, direct-live voltage, hybrid, and plug-and-play installations.
Replace equivalent fluorescent tubes with T5/T6 LED tubes, available with a variety of length, lumen, and color temperature options as well as direct-wire, plug-and-play, and hybrid installations.
Find an LED T9 tube to replace traditional bulbs, including a selection of circline options with a G10q base.

U-Bend LED Tube

Replace fluorescent U-Bend lights with U-Bend LED tubes, available as plug-and-play, hybrid, and ballast bypass options as well as tubes that use an external driver.

T8 Integrated LED Tube

Are you trying to find which T8 Tube you need for your lighting application? HomElectrical offers an array of T8 fluorescent tube replacement options all at a competitive price
SylvaniaSylvania LED Light & Fixture - LEDvance
Satco Lighting
Green Creative
TCP Lighting

What color temperature do I need?

Color temperatures range from warm white to cool white.

  • 2700K - 3000K – provides an ambient, intimate, and personal mood with its warm white light that is ideal for living rooms, family rooms, and hospitality environments.
  • 3500K - 4100K – provides a clean and efficient neutral white light that is ideal for kitchen, bath, garage or commercial applications.
  • 5000K - 6500K -  provides a vibrant and alert cool white light that is ideal for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

Our LED tubes typically come in: 5 W, 12 W, 14 W, and 19 W options. Their fluorescent equivalents are 8 W, 12 W, 25 W, and 32 W.

What is a ballast, and do I need one?

A ballast is a device that regulates the voltage and current supplied to fluorescent and HID lighting fixtures. LED tube light voltage is regulated by an LED driver, which is usually built into the tube, so a ballast is not required for it. However, many LED tubes on the market are ballast compatible for retrofitting purposes. While LED tubes are often ballast compatible, we do not recommend using them because they can consume up to an additional 20% more in power.

Image of ballast below:

What is the difference between integrated vs. non-integrated?

The integrated options are self-supporting and can be surface mounted. They can even be plugged together to create continuous lengths of light. The non-integrated option can be connected directly to the line voltage for easy installation.

What length do I need?

LED tube lights come in lengths from 1 foot to 8 feet long. Depending on your situation or fixture, tubes of different lengths may be needed. In office settings, you will usually find 2 to 4 foot length tubes while 8-foot tubes are usually found in industrial and older retail stores.If your building is currently using T12, 8-foot incandescent tubes, we recommend to retrofit to 4-foot length fixture.
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