LED Bulbs

Browse our selection of LED bulbs featuring a variety of color temperatures and varying wattages to change out those old CFL and incandescent light bulbs! Perfect for general lighting, these high-output A-shape lamps have an average life span of up to 25,000 hours and are 80% more efficient than halogen and fluorescent lights. LED light bulbs are great for enclosed fixtures, such as table lamps, wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, and other standard luminaries. Find the perfect LED bulb for your lighting needs and shop at HomElectrical!
Discover LED PL light bulbs available in horizontal or vertical orientations as well as plug-and-play, ballast bypass, and hybrid installations.
With a variety of beam types, lumens, and color temperature, you can find a wide selection of LED PAR38 bulbs for use in various applications, including track lighting.
Replace common household bulbs with highly efficient LED A19 bulbs from HomElectrical which last longer and save energy.

PAR30 LED Bulbs

Shop for energy efficient PAR30 LED bulbs to find the right bulb offering direct and focused light.

LED Edison Bulbs

Add style to your space using a selection of LED vintage filament Edison bulbs with a variety of sizes and styles to fit your lighting applications.

LED MR16 Bulb

Shop HomElectrical’s selection of LED MR16 bulb ideal for directional or accent lighting in residential and commercial settings.

A21 Bulbs

Shop HomElectrical’s selection of LED A21 bulbs to find many color temperature, lumen, wattage, and base options to fit a variety of fixtures.

LED Candelabra Bulb

Find the right light bulb for chandeliers and other decorative fixtures with an LED candelabra bulb from HomElectrical.

Indicator Bulbs

Discover indicator bulbs for use in commercial and residential applications, available with a variety of base options, including screw-in, insert and twist, and plug-in or push-in base types.

BR30 LED Bulb

Shop HomElectrical’s selection of energy efficient LED BR/R bulbs capable of projecting a wide flood beam angle.

PS30 LED Bulbs

Find LED PS30 bulbs that are available with a variety of color temperatures and bright lumen options for your general-purpose applications.

LED Bulb Accessories

Find the accessories you need for your LED bulbs, including base extenders, splitter cords for refrigerator lights, twist lock sockets, mounting accessories, digital controller for dimmable electronic ballasts, and much more.

LED Puck Lights

Brighten a variety of spaces, including closets, ceiling fans, downlights, track lighting, wall sconces, and much more with HomElectrical’s variety of LED puck bulbs.


Illuminate workshops, warehouses, and garages with a selection of LED PLL bulbs, available with direct wire and plug-and-play installations.

LED BR40 Bulb

Illuminate hallways and other areas with LED BR40 bulbs, with some offering dimming capabilities as well as various lumen and color temperature options.

PAR20 LED Bulbs

Choose LED PAR20 bulbs for focused or direct lighting applications, with options featuring dimming capabilities, various beam angles, lumens, and color temperature options.

PAR16 LED Bulbs

Frequently used in track lighting, recessed lights, or downlights, illuminate offices, restaurants, and more with LED PAR16 bulbs, including various color temperature and lumen options, as well as options that offer dimming capabilities.

G40 Bulbs

Whether installed inside a table lamp or displayed on a string of Christmas lights, G40 LED bulbs are versatile options for illuminating your space

PAR56 LED Bulbs

Illuminate a stage with a selection of LED PAR56 bulbs, available with multiple LED color options as well as white and multicolor light options.

Decorative LED Bulb

Add a fun and decorative aspect to your lighting with a variety of LED decorative bulbs, including vintage or Edison style, flame bulbs, or colorful bulbs.

LED R20 Bulb

Find an LED R20 bulb to use in recessed ceiling lights, display lights, and track lights, as well as dimmable options.

B11 Bulbs

Available with an E12 or E26 base, you can find a selection of LED B11 bulbs to add style to your chandeliers or other decorative lighting options.

B10 LED Bulb

Discover a wide variety of LED B10 bulbs, including bulbs that offer dimming capabilities as well as blunt, flame, bent, and torpedo tip options so you can find one that suits your fixture.


HomElectrical provides an assortment of LED PAR bulbs for every type of lighting application

PAR36 Bulbs

Illuminate art museums, art installations, and more using a selection of LED PAR36 bulbs, including multicolor, color, and white light color options, as well as watertight and dimmable bulb options.

G25 LED Bulbs

LED G25 bulbs, or globe bulbs, provide a decorative shape for light fixtures in addition to energy efficient and money saving features.

LED MR11 Bulb

Choose LED MR11 bulbs to illuminate areas like kitchens, retail stores, museums, and display cases, available with a variety of styles, GU4 bases, and color temperature options.

LED Elevator Bulbs

Shop HomElectrical for LED elevator bulbs suited for the longevity and the tight spaces found in an elevator.

BR20 Bulbs

Available with a variety of color temperatures as well as options that offering dimming capabilities, you can find a selection of LED BR20 bulbs that work well in recessed can lights as well as track lighting.

A15 Bulbs

Illuminate homes, residential, and hospitality applications with a variety of LED A15 bulbs, including dimmable options as well as frosted, amber, and clear finish options.


Available with multiple base and installation options, you can find a selection of LED PLS bulbs at HomElectrical.

LED A23 Bulbs

Brighten a home or office using a wide selection of LED A23 bulbs available with multiple base options and optional dimming capabilities to fit what you need.

PS25 Bulbs

Shop energy star rated LED PS25 bulbs here at HomElectrical!

A25 LED Bulbs

Brighten your space using A25 LED bulbs with options featuring an EX39 base and bright lumens.

LED AR111 Bulbs

Featuring multiple color temperature options, you can find an LED AR111 bulb to illuminate displays, museums, retail stores, hotels, and more.

R12 LED Bulbs

Brighten sports stadiums, entertainment areas, and elevators with LED R12 bulbs, available with BA15s and BA15d bases.
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What is an LED Bulb?

An LED bulb, also known as an LED lamp, is used for general-purpose lighting applications. LED bulbs emit light in a very narrow band of wavelengths and come in a variety of technologies. One technology used for LED bulbs uses multiple LED chips in close proximity to generate light. The second technology uses LEDs with a phosphor.

What are lumens?

Lumens are a measure of the luminous flux or quantity of light emitted by a source. The higher the lumen output the brighter the light. A bulb with a high lumen output and a low wattage is energy efficient.

What types of LED bulbs are available?

LED bulbs can come in a variety of styles including A19 bulbs, G25 bulbs, BR/R bulbs, chandelier bulbs, MR16 bulbs, PAR bulbs, tubes, and downlights to meet every lighting need whether it be indoor, outdoor, commercial, or residential. Take a look at the varieties we have to offer!

Why are LED lights considered so energy efficient?

Any bulb that is very bright (has a high number of lumens) and consumes very little energy (has a low wattage) is considered energy efficient. An LED bulb will consistently produce brighter light (more lumens) using less energy (low watts). This means you can get the same amount of light for as much as 80% less wattage. For example, if you need a bulb that gives off 800 lumens of light, an incandescent bulb would use 60 watts of power to shine that much light. Meanwhile, an LED bulb would only use 15 watts of power to give you the same amount of brightness. In that way, you save money (because the bulbs use less energy and therefore last longer) without sacrificing the quality of your light. The typical lifetime of LED bulbs is quoted to be 25,000 to 100,000 hours, compared to 1,000 hours for incandescent bulbs and 10,000 for CFL bulbs.

What does LED stand for?

LED stands for Light-emitting diode. A light-emitting diode is a two-lead semiconductor light source. When a suitable voltage is applied to the leads, electrons are able to recombine with electron holes within the device, releasing energy in the form of photons.

What wattage equivalent do I need?

LEDs (Watts)CFLs (Watts)

Which LED bulb is the brightest?

While traditionally you may have determined which bulb you purchased by the wattage listed on the packaging, nowadays, with LED technology on the rise, we are measuring the brightness with lumens. The lumen output of a bulb is directly related to the bulb’s brightness. Thus, the higher the lumen, the brighter the bulb! Most A-shaped LED bulbs will replace a traditional 40W or 60W incandescent. However, the brightest LED bulb has a brightness of about 2500 lumens. This 30W LED bulb is equivalent to a 250W incandescent bulb and consumes less energy than a traditional bulb. Read more about lumens vs. watts on our blog!

Why are LED bulbs better than CFL/Fluorescent bulbs?

When it comes to purchasing the right light bulb, knowing the differences between them can be helpful in guiding your buying decision. Although purchasing incandescent, CFL, or halogen bulbs may have lower upfront costs than LED bulbs, they do not offer some of the many benefits of LED lighting:

  1. LEDs can last up to 25,000 hours without needing a replacement
  2. LEDs are the most efficient alternative to traditional lights
  3. LED bulbs are Energy star rated for optimal efficiency
  4. Lower annual cost of operation
  5. LEDs generate less heat than incandescent bulbs that waste about 90% of their energy from heat emissions.
  6. LEDs are mercury-free

Read more about LEDs on our blog!

What is the CRI of an LED bulb and what does it mean?

Unlike color temperature, CRI (or color rendering index) refers to how well a light is able to show an object’s true color. Light bulbs with a low CRI (less than 50) will generate colors that look washed out and dull. On the other hand, LED bulbs, with a CRI of 80 or more, will show a more vibrant and true color. In retail settings or grocery store displays, you should always choose a light bulb with a very high color rendering index. Lights with a higher CRI will illuminate displays more effectively and help attract customers. Read more about CRI on our blog!

How do I know which LED bulb I need?

LED bulbs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types, so figuring out which light bulb you need can be a bit daunting. There are several things you should take into consideration when choosing the right bulb for you:

  • Desired lighting function: general lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting
  • Bulb type
  • Lumens (or desired brightness)
  • Color temperature and CRI
  • Light fixture type

Still need help? Check out our Light Bulb Fitting Guide: What are Bulb Bases and Types?

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