LED Edison Bulbs

Want to save energy and utilize LED technology but don't like the way some LED bulbs look? Try a LED Vintage Filament Bulb today! Also known as a LED Edison Bulb, these bulbs look exactly like your retro style incandescent bulbs but have LED energy-saving technology. You can decorate with style AND save money by shopping our wide range of competitively priced LED Edison Bulbs at HomElectrical!

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What is the difference between LED Vintage Filament and LED Edison Bulbs?

Edison bulbs are a popular design edition of LED filament bulbs. These vintage bulbs give off the feel of a traditional incandescent bulb with the energy savings of a LED light. They offer a stylish and antique twist to any lighting application. Edison bulbs come in various shapes and sizes and offer several exterior options (clear, frosted, and amber tints). These bulbs generally emit a warm orange color temperature around 2700 Kelvin and can be a great addition to restaurants and hotel lobbies.

Where can I use LED Edison Bulbs?

Edison bulbs can turn any drab room into a vintage paradise. Perfect for any indoor or outdoor application, these bulbs provide a warm orange glow to any space. Although they are not very bright, LED Edison bulbs are an energy efficient alternative to traditional incandescent light bulbs. They can be added to string lights to illuminate outdoor patios, decks, and porches. Featuring standard screw-in bases (E26), LED Edison bulbs can be used in wall sconces, pendant fixtures, table lamps, floor lamps, and many other household light fixtures. Never compromise energy for beauty with vintage Edison bulbs!

What light fixtures are Edison bulbs usually used with?

These antique bulbs have an exposed filament that can create a vintage feel to any residential or commercial space. Designed with Thomas Edison's first bulb in mind, LED Edison bulbs have a medium screw-in base (E26) that is commonly used in wall sconces, table lamps, string lights, and floor lamps. Edison lights help create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere! Achieve the perfect accent lighting with vintage LED Edison light bulbs.

Can an Edison bulb be used in a fully enclosed fixture?

Due to the low lumen output in Edison bulbs, we do not recommend using them in an enclosed light fixture. Although many people are choosing Edison bulbs because of their energy efficiency and vintage style, these bulbs are not the brightest option. In fact, they are dimmer than traditional incandescent lights and have a lower lumen-to-watt ratio.

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