Brighten you area with LED Horizontal PLL Bulbs with 2G11 bases! They are perfect for use in enclosed fixtures and in damp locations, including workshops, warehouses, and garages. They come in a variety of color temperatures and wattages that give off the perfect lighting effects for you in any area. Shop HomElectrical now to find the perfect LED PLL Bulb for you. 

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What are PLL bulbs used for?

LED PLL lights are great for replacing CFL light fixtures with a 2G11(4-pin) base. Depending on your current light fixture ballast compatibility, these bulbs can easily plug-and-play into your existing 4-pin light fixture. While some are ballast compatible, others require the existing ballast to be removed in order to run off line voltage. PLL bulbs are commonly used as energy efficient replacements to commercial light fixtures, such as downlights, ceiling lights, and fluorescent linear fixtures. 

What does PLL stand for, and why are these bulbs better than halogen bulbs?

PLL stands for "Plug in Lamp - Long." These bulbs are ballast compatible and can be easily installed to replace CFL light fixtures. LED PLL bulbs offer a greater energy efficiency and can last for for up to 35,000 hours compared to fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen light bulbs. In comparison to Halogen or CFL's, PLL lights consume 80% less energy and are completely mercury-free! Compare LED, fluroecsent, incandescent, and halogen bulbs on our blog!

When refferring to an LED PLL bulb, does horizontal bulb mean that it is a tube light and not a standard looking bulb?

PLL bulbs are LED tube light bulbs that can easily replace existing fluorescent light bulbs. If your PLL bulb specifies that it is a horizontal bulb, this means that it can be mounted horizontally to your existing light fixture. Unlike PL bulbs that feature both horizontal and vertical mounting, LED PLL bulbs can be mounted to any horizontal enclosed light fixture with a 2G11(4-pin) base. 

What kind of base do PLL LED bulbs have?

PLL bulbs have a 4-pin 2G11 base that can easily be mounted to fluorescent light fixtures. These bulbs don't require a ballast and can be direct wired to run off line voltage.
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