PAR16 LED Bulbs

PAR16 LED bulbs provide a focused light and produce a concentrated light intensity. LED PAR16 Bulbs are often used in recessed lights, downlights, and track lighting fixtures found in hospitals, offices, and restaurants. These light bulbs have a bright light, can be dimmable, and consumes up to 85% less energy than traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs. Save energy and money with PAR16 bulbs and find the right light bulb for your needs at HomElectrical. 

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Which halogen and incandescent bulbs can I replace with a PAR16 bulb?

LED PAR16 bulbs are the perfect energy efficient replacement to halogen bulbs. A 6-Watt PAR16 bulb can easily replace a 40-Watt halogen bulb or a 30-Watt incandescent while maintaining a high light quality. To check the wattage equivalent of your PAR bulb, be sure to check the label on the bulb’s packaging.  Learn more about which LED PAR Bulb you need here!

What's the difference between a MR16 and PAR16 bulb?

MR16 and PAR16 bulbs have a lot of similarities. For instance, they both have the same diameter as indicated by the number next to the bulb type: 16 (2.5 inches). However, they have very different applications:

  • MR16 Bulbs (Multifaceted Reflector) are best used when producing a focused beam and are commonly used for landscape lighting or in retail stores, museums, and galleries that require accent or spot lighting.
  • PAR16 Bulbs (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) have the lens and the reflector combined in a single unit. These light bulbs are most often used in recessed and decorative light fixtures for beam lighting, recessed lighting, and movie lighting due to its ability to project directional beams using only a fraction of power. 

What does PAR mean? What does the number mean that follows it?

PAR stands for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector.  These bulbs have a reflective surface that helps produce a more controlled light beam. LED PAR bulbs are often used for display and accent lighting, recessed lighting, and movie lighting due to their ability to project directional beams using only a fraction of power. The number on an LED PAR bulb refers to the diameter of the lamp measured in eighths of an inch.  To determine the size of a PAR16 bulb, simply multiply the PAR number “16” x 1/8 (0.125).  In this case, a PAR16 bulb is 2 inches in diameter.

Can I use a PAR16 instead of a PAR20 bulb?

A PAR16 BULB and a PAR20 are not the same size in diameter. However, the size does not refer to the bulbs base, so as long as the diameter of the bulb fits into the fixture, you can use either a PAR20 or PAR16 LED light bulb. This is not the case for enclosed fixtures or recessed cans that require a certain size bulb.  Learn more about LED PAR16 Bulbs here!
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