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Upgrade your space with LED MR16 Bulbs available at HomElectrical! Perfect for adding style to your display with energy efficient directional and accent LED lighting for a variety of locations including: kitchens, retail shops, museums, and display cases. Shop for the perfect halogen bulb replacement and browse our selection of LED MR16 bulbs today, all at competitive prices!

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LED5MR16/DIM/827/FL35/GL/RP (glass)

Where are MR16 bulbs often used?

MR16 are highly efficient, low wattage bulbs that are great for everyday uses.  These bulbs are known for producing a focused (directional) beam that are ideal for use in retail, museums, and galleries that require accent or spot lighting for showcasing.

Are GU10 and MR16 the same bulb?

GU10 refers to the type of base that MR16 bulbs have. These bulbs are commonly found in commercial spaces where a bright directional light is needed. A MR16 bulb is a Multifaceted Reflector bulb that has a reflective coating on the outside of the bulb and are used more commonly in retail spaces. Read more about the different types of MR16 and other LED bulbs with our blog Light Bulb Fitting Guide: Light Bulb Bases and Bulb Socket Types.

What does the number following MR mean?

The numerical value represents the diameter of the bulb in 1/8 of an inch.

Common measurements:

  • 8 is 1 inch
  • 11 is 1.375
  • 16 is 2 inches
  • 20 is 2.5 inches

the number meaning following MR

Are all LED MR16 bulbs dimmable?

MR16 bulbs have a lot of similarities and have both dimmable and non dimmable options.  All MR16 bulbs have the same dimensions for the bulb's diameter.  The 16 indicates the size in terms measured in eights.  To convert this to inches you would multiply the 16 by 0.125. Therefore, a MR16 bulb has a diameter of 2.5 inches.

What does a noise-free design mean?

When a light is dimmable, sometimes the dimming switch can cause a buzz from the filament in the light bulbs that make a noise.  A noise free design reduces this buzz which allows you to not have that annoying ringing in your ear. Learn how to fix your buzzing dimmer here!
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