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What color temperature do I need?

Color temperatures range from warm white to cool white

  • 2700K - 3000K – provides an ambient, intimate, and personal mood with its warm white light that is ideal for living rooms, family rooms, and hospitality environments.
  • 3500K - 4100K – provides a clean and efficient neutral, soft white light that is ideal for kitchen, bath, garage or commercial applications.
  • 5000K - 6500K – provides a vibrant and alert cool white light that is ideal for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

What base types are available?

LED chandelier bulbs are available with candelabra E12 bases or medium E26 bases.

What are the different tips on Candelabra LED bulbs?

The most common candelabra light bulb tips are the bullet, candle, candle angular, and flame tip. Each type of bulb is identified by the letter prefix.

  • B: Bullet or torpedo
  • C: Candle (a.k.a conical)
  • CA: Candle Angular
  • F: Flame style

Learn more with our Light Bulb Fitting Guide!

What is an LED Chandelier Bulb?

An LED chandelier bulb specifically accommodates a chandelier fixture. They are usually smaller in size but, like regular bulbs, they come in a variety of shapes and colors.

What is the brightest LED candelabra bulb?

LED candelabra bulbs come in a variety of lumen output options. They provide superior brightness while consuming very little energy. These light bulbs can last as long as 15,000 hours and have a maximum brightness of 330 lumens.

Does the shape of the bulb decide which fixtures I can put it in, or is it personal preference?

Candelabra bulbs are commonly used in decorative lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, pendant fixtures, wall sconces, and string lights. Their pointed tip replicates the look of a candle flame and offers a modern lighting solution. The shape of the base of the bulb will determine what fixtures you can use. Most LED candelabra bulbs have an Edison style screw-in base. To learn more about Edison style bases and other base types, check out our Light Bulb Fitting Guide!

What's the difference of light between clear and frosted glass bulbs?

Determining whether to use clear or frosted bulbs depends on your desired lighting design. A common misconception is that choosing a clear or frosted bulb will affect the brightness or color temperature of the bulb. This is not the case! The main difference between the two is how the light shadow is cast. Clear glass will cast a full shadow while frosted bulbs soften the shadows in a room. 

Can I Replace Candelabra Bulbs With LED?

Yes, as long as the new candelabra LED light bulbs use the E12 base, they are interchangeable. However, if you have a candelabra connected to a dimmer, you’ll need to purchase dimmable LED light bulbs. If you purchase non-dimmable LED bulbs, when you turn down your dimmer, the LEDs will flicker.

The benefits of switching to LEDs include increased efficiency, less heat production, and a much longer lifespan.

Be aware of the bulb shape when switching bulbs to make sure that, even though the base is correct, the bulb itself will still fit in your device. Most light fixtures will accept bulbs of nearly any shape, but you will want to make sure before you spend money on new bulbs.

What Is the Brightest LED With Candelabra Bulbs?

The brightest available LED candelabra bulbs are about 1500 lumens, which is equivalent to the light put out by 100w incandescent light bulbs, though an LED bulb at that brightness would only be consuming around 15 watts. Wattage for incandescent lights and LEDs are not the same because LEDs are far more efficient.

It is more common to find LED candelabra bulbs that put out about 500 to 540 lumens, or a 60-watt equivalent. LED lights can be much brighter, however, with LED flood lights reaching more than 4,000 lumens. In a candelabra, such a luminous LED bulb would be far too bright, and no E12 base light bulb would be available in that amount of lumens.

Is E12 and Candelabra Base the Same?

In North America, the E12 base is synonymous with the candelabra base. These bulbs are sometimes referred to as chandelier light bulbs and can also be found in chandeliers, night lights, outdoor lighting, and other decorative lights.

Is an E12 Bulb a Candelabra Bulb?

E12 bulbs are most commonly found in candelabras, which is why E12 bulbs are also called “candelabra bulbs.” Table lamps and many wall or ceiling fans use E26 or A19 bulbs, though some may use E12 bulbs.

Can I Replace Candelabra Bulbs With Incandescent Bulbs?

Yes, as long as the bulbs use an E12 base, the two bulbs can be used interchangeably. Incandescent candelabra bulbs take more care, however, since traditional filament bulbs are more fragile than modern LEDs. They also put out more heat and have a much lower lifespan.

However, using incandescent bulbs is only possible if you happen to have some stored away. As of August 1st, incandescent light bulbs are no longer made or sold in the United States.

What Is the Difference Between Candelabra and Edison?

The E in E12 stands for Edison, who invented the screw-in light bulb. This means that an E12 bulb is short for Edison 12-mm. However, the term “Edison bulb” most commonly refers to a style meant to mimic the antique filament bulbs Edison created more than 100 years ago by using an LED filament. E12 candelabra bulbs are available in this style and are referred to as candelabra Edison bulbs or E12 Edison bulbs.

What Is the Candelabra Base Size?

The base size is 12mm, which is referred to as E12. Other sizes include E14, E26, E17, E39, and E40. In the United States, the terms “E12 bulb” and “candelabra bulb” are interchangeable. If you purchase candelabra bulbs in a store or online, you can check the box to make sure that they are E12 bulbs.

How Long Do LED Bulbs Last?

The average LED light bulb will last 50,000 hours. If this were continuous, that would translate to about 5.7 years. However, few bulbs must produce uninterrupted light, and in general practice, an LED bulb will last somewhere between 10 and 20 years, depending on use.

LED light bulbs generally don’t suffer from significant degradation, either, though bulbs subjected to weather and temperature extremes may have a slightly shortened lifespan.

What Are the Advantages of LED Over Incandescent?

ENERGY STAR, a government-backed label that indicates energy efficiency, promotes LED bulbs due to their efficiency increase over incandescent light bulbs or halogen bulbs.

LEDs are constructed quite differently. LED bulbs use transformers to reduce incoming volts and drive diodes with semi-conductive material that emits photons. Incandescent bulbs use a heated filament suspended in a sealed bulb filled with inert gasses. Halogen bulbs are also incandescent bulbs but are able to produce more light.

Another benefit is that LEDs don’t produce nearly as much heat, meaning they won’t compete with the climate controls in a home. However, running the air conditioning to compensate for bright incandescent bulbs is generally only an issue if many bulbs are on at once in close proximity to each other. Also, LEDs produce the same amount of light with much less wattage.

One of the most incredible advances in LED lighting is “dusk to dawn” bulbs, which use photocells that detect ambient light. This means they can switch on when the light drops to a certain level, making them excellent for outdoor areas that need nighttime illumination, such as parking lots, streets, yards, or sports fields.

Although the benefits of LED bulbs make them an attractive choice, it’s also important to note that as of August 1st, 2023, incandescent light bulbs are no longer made or sold in the United States. By 2025, Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulbs may be eliminated from the marketplace as well.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) states that removing incandescent bulbs from store shelves and replacing them with LEDs will save around $3 billion for the entire country.

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