Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights are great for a variety of areas including streets, parking garages, barns, yards, parks, patios, pools, and more. When you shop HomElectrical's collection of outdoor lighting fixtures, you will find that you have a variety of different LED lights to choose from to help you save energy after replacing old incandescent bulbs. Get the right outdoor light for your needs at HomElectrical.
Add security to commercial or residential buildings with outdoor light fixtures like LED wall pack lights.
Illuminate walkways, paths, and other high traffic areas using stylish LED bollard lights, including a variety of color finish, style, and height options.
Brighten your outdoor landscape using a selection of LED landscape lighting, such as security flood lights, ground & well lights, outdoor wall lanterns, patio string lights, bullet spotlights, step lights, walkway & path lights, and many more landscape li

LED Stadium & Sports Light

Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and bright lumen options, you can illuminate stadiums and sport areas with HomElectrical’s selection of LED stadium and sports lights.

LED Flood Light

Add additional illumination to driveways, paths, and as added security lighting with HomElectrical’s selection of LED flood lights, including a variety of bright lumen and color temperatures as well as options that come equipped with a photocell.

LED Area & Street Light

Brighten large outdoor areas using LED area and streetlights, including shoebox areas fixtures and post lights as well as light poles and other accessories.

LED Canopy Light

Illuminate patios, garages, gas stations, and parking lots with LED canopy lights, including bright lumen and CCT selectable options.

LED Barn Light

Add more illumination to your outdoor areas with LED barn lights, featuring options with or without a photocell as well as CCT selectable options.

Outdoor Hanging Lights

Add style to your outdoor areas, including patios and entranceways, with a selection of outdoor hanging lights, available in many styles to help you find one that matches your home.
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What are the advantages of outdoor LED lights?

Not only are outdoor LED lights extremely energy efficient, but they consume, on average, 85% less power than incandescent bulbs. This benefits you by helping you save money while getting brighter, better lighting. This stronger lighting also increases the safety, look, and feel of whatever environment you are using the lights in—around your deck, in your employee parking garage, along your dock, and so on.

How do I know what outdoor light I need?

At HomElectrical, we make it easier for the customers to choose which outdoor lighting, or any lighting, option they need. How many lights you need for any given area is going to depend on multiple factors, including the fixture type, purpose, placement, and number of lumens of your bulb. But we're happy to help you make these kinds of decisions based on your specific needs at 1-888-616-3532.

Can't I just use an indoor LED light outside?

You could, but the consequences won't be pretty. Indoor bulbs are meant to be used indoors. Inside our homes and offices, we rarely have sudden changes in temperature, storms, swarms of insects, extreme cold, or extreme heat. But all those things can, and usually do, become a factor outside.

Outdoor lighting is made of materials and bulbs that are meant to stand up to these kinds of issues coming up day after day. Indoor bulbs are not. Being the more resilient of the two types, you might have better luck using an outdoor bulb inside, instead. Be sure to check the manufacturer information on your bulb or fixture's packaging regarding where it is suitable to use.
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