LED Canopy Light

LED canopy lights come with a low-profile design made with a durable, die cast, weather resistant aluminum and shatterproof polycarbonate that are perfect for outdoor use.  Our canopy lights are UL listed and supports direct ceiling mounting. An LED Canopy light is ideal for a garage or patio walkway.  Add a motion light sensor to your canopy lights from HomElectrical today.  Free shipping is available on most LED’s and LED Canopy lights.

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Are all LED Canopy Lights flush mounted?

While most LED canopy lights are flush mounts, there are some styles that are non-flush mount LED Canopy lights.  These can be used in outdoor lighting or beam lighting.  Depending on your lighting needs, you can choose from a canopy light or a flush mounted canopy light.  Some Canopy lights are recessed so knowing what design look you prefer will make choosing the right fixture for your space easier. Learn more with our blog LED Canopy Lighting: A Solution for Parking Deck Lighting!

Can I improve my Canopy light with a retrofit kit?

By retrofitting your canopy lights to LED canopy lights you can increase the efficient in your lighting.  LED Canopy lights use less energy and create a brighter light.  Retrofitting your LED lights from Metal Halides and other High Pressure Sodium lamps will reduce your energy bill while reducing the amount of maintenance for the bulb.  

Where are canopy lights primarily used?

Canopy lights and LED canopy lights are designed to provide a sense of safety in areas with pedestrian traffic, such as a gas station or a restaurant parking lot. They are efficient ways to illuminate large areas without using a lot of energy. Check out our blog LED Canopy Lighting: A Solution for Parking Deck Lighting to learn more about canopy lighting!

Are there canopy lights for both indoor and outdoor usage?

There are both indoor LED canopy lights and outdoor LED lights, though they have very similar features.  An indoor LED canopy light is designed to be mounted above the desired lighting area to provide an even and more precise light.  An outdoor LED canopy light is a more durable fixture which is designed to withstand the more sever elements of weather.  Learn how to retrofit your Canopy lighting on our blog Retrofitting Your Canopy Light!
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