LED Barn Light

LED barn lights and outdoor barn lights are the perfect substitute for your old metal halide light fixtures. Add a layer of security to your home or yard by adding a motion sensor light switch to your outdoor barn lighting. HomElectrical has everything you need to upgrade your outdoor lighting. Free shipping is available on most LED barn lights which are now available in a variety of different color temperatures and lumen outputs.

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Do all barn lights come with a photocell sensor? If not, can one be installed?

Not all barn lights come with photocell sensors. Since a 100-Watt incandescent bulb running for 12 hours will consume 1,200 watts, you will want to make sure you add a photocell sensor to your existing outdoor barn light if you are not replacing it altogether. You can add a photocell sensor to your existing barn light fixture that will conserve energy by automatically turning the light on and off. Learn more about outdoor lighting with our blog Outdoor Lighting Options for Safety and Efficiency!

Where are barn lights used?

Barn lights and LED barn lights are outdoor lights that have a wide beam angle and are highly efficient. The LED barn light can be utilized in garages and patios that need to cover a broad range of space which make them ideal for motion sensor fixtures. If you need help knowing which barn light you need, find which beam angle you need here!

Are barn lights and flood lights the same?

An LED floodlight can vary in beam angles as large as 120 degrees. It can cast light over a broader area of space while having the same wattage and lumen count as a spotlight. The fixture can be linear or a single bulb. An LED barn light is an outdoor light that is in a downward facing fixture with a softer shade of light temperature. Learn more about beam angles and their terms on our blog Which LED Light Bulb Beam Angle Should I Use? Which LED Light Bulb Beam Angle Should I Use?

How are barn lights installed? 

A barn light is typically installed with a goose neck or wall mount bracket. These fixtures are easy to install and can be installed with using simple tools around you can find around your home. To install a bar light you will need the following:

  • Mounting bracket
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Hex wrench or socket wrench
  • Wire stripper and cutters
  • Wire nuts or bolts
  • Plumber’s or electrical tape

Be sure to check your manufacturer’s installation guide for specific details. But you should be able to mount your fixture to the existing fixture’s base for a replacement. Always follow all safety rules and guidelines when working with electricity always.

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