LED Wall Pack Light

LED wall pack lights are great outdoor lighting fixtures often used for security outside of commercial or residential buildings. These lights feature a variety of beam angles to best illuminate the location of your choice. Shop at HomElectrical for all of your lighting needs today!
Brighten small to medium commercial and residential areas using LED slim full cut off wall packs, featuring select wall packs that offer CCT selectable and photocell options.
Add additional lighting to commercial or residential areas with semi-cut off LED wall packs with select wall packs offering dimmability as well as hazard rated options.
Find the accessories you need for your LED wall pack, including mounting options, photocells, replacements lens gaskets, wire guards, and more.
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Can I retrofit my wall pack light?

When switching from a CFL bulb to an LED retrofit, you are replacing the bulb with efficient LED technology. One way to easily make the switch is by using LED corn bulbs. These bulbs come in a variety of sizes, including E26 or E39, and screw into the lighting fixture the same as a normal lightbulb would. Though retrofitting is an option, it may be smart to completely replace your fixture all together for an LED wall pack. Full replacement can be more cost-effective. No matter what you do, the transition to LEDs creates better and more efficient lighting as a whole. Read more about retrofitting your wall packs to LED!

Do all wall packs come with a photocell sensor, and if not, can one be installed?

Not all wall packs come with a photocell sensor, but more often than not, one can be installed. Depending on which wall pack you're using, some photocell sensors may not be available. For example, you are highly likely to find a Semi Cut Off LED Wall Pack with a sensor, but not as likely to find a Bulkhead Wall Light with one. Most outdoor lights, such as semi and full cut off wall packs, that act as security lights have the capability to have a sensor.  Make sure when choosing your wall light to read if it is photocell compatible, has the photocell sold separately, or comes with the photocell sensor.

Are all wall packs mounted to the wall?

Most wall packs are mounted to the wall, hence why they are called a wall pack. Some wall packs are also designed to be mounted to a ceiling if necessary. Mounting the wall pack on a wall is the most efficient use for the lighting fixture and allows the light to illuminate evenly instead of being directed down when on a ceiling. Wall packs also come in different designs that will direct the light where you want it, such as a forward throw distributes light forward and outward and a full cutoff distributes light downwards on a specific area. You shouldn't need to mount a wall pack to a ceiling, but make sure that if you do, it will not harm the fixture or where the connection is made. Learn more about LED wall packs!

Are wall packs used for exterior only?

Generally, all wall packs are used as outdoor lighting. Often, these exterior fixtures are wall mounted and used as security lights because of their large beam angle. Not only this, but wall packs can withstand extreme temperatures and various types of environments. LED Wall Pack Lights are typically used for commercial applications but can be used in residential areas as well. 
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