LED Wall Pack - Semi Cut Off

LED semi-cutoff wall packs are great outdoor lighting fixtures often used for security outside of commercial or residential buildings. These exterior light fixtures offer a variety of beam angles to best illuminate the location of your choice. 

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What is the difference between a semi cutoff and a full cut off LED wall pack?

When looking between a semi cutoff wall pack and a full cutoff wall pack, you can immediately see a difference. A full cutoff wall pack is often more box-shaped and distributes its light downward to focus on a specific area. This light is ideal for illuminating small to medium sized areas. Also, full cutoffs prevent light from shining upwards towards the sky so that the light is continuously concentrated.

Semi cutoff wall packs distribute light forward and downward, but it is not as concentrated. With this wall pack, the light isn't distributed too far from the mounting area which makes this lighting fixture ideal for lighting medium sized areas. 

Are semi cutoff wall packs good to use as security lights? What are their other applications?

Often, the main purpose of a semi cutoff wall pack is to help with security at both commercial and residential buildings. Semi cutoff wall packs are used to light medium-sized spaces because of the direction of light they emit. Their light is distributed forward and outward, but also focuses on a specific area. Not only are semi cut wall packs useful for security purposes, but they are also used to illuminate walkways or paths at times depending on where lighting is needed. Want to learn more? Check out Outdoor Lighting Options for Safety and Efficiency

How do I replace a cutoff wall pack?

Replacing your fixture is the ideal option for your lighting project if you are not concerned with keeping the aesthetics. These wall packs have LED chips integrated into the fixture making for a simple installation process. Replacing your current fixture is the best option because your fixture is created to prevent tampering and protect your light from extreme weather conditions that could impact its functionality. Therefore, de-constructing the fixture can lead to imperfections and fixture failure. Common tools you’ll more than likely need to replace your current wall pack include a screwdriver, voltage detector, wire strippers, as well as Wago connectors. Learn more about your options for installing wall pack lights on our blog!

Are wall packs easy to retrofit?

When switching from a CFL bulb to an LED retrofit, you are replacing the bulb with efficient LED technology. One way to easily make the switch is by using LED corn bulbs. The bulbs come in a variety of sizes, including E26 or E23, and screw into the lighting fixture the same as a normal lightbulb would. Though retrofitting is an option, it may be smart to completely replace your fixture all together for an LED wall pack. Full replacement can be more cost-effective. No matter what you do, the transition to LEDs create better and more efficient lighting as a whole. Read more about retrofitting your wall packs to LEDs!
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