Bulkhead Wall Light

Shop HomElectrical to find the best bulkhead wall light for your outdoor needs for security, accent, or for your general wall lighting needs. These wall mounted lights can bring a classic look to any home or business, and are great for illuminating decks, porches, and business entrances. Not only are these light fixtures the perfect replacement to traditional incandescent lights, but their compact size helps to save space. Browse our selection of bulkhead LED wall lights and start saving energy today! 

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What is the difference between a bulkhead wall light and a jelly jar?

Bulkhead wall lights and jelly jars (vapor tight fixtures) are very similar in looks, but they are different. Jelly jars usually come with a round light and a piece that attaches to the wall, whereas a bulkhead wall light is always flush mounted to the wall. A jelly jar can be mounted to the wall or the ceiling.

Each fixture also replaces different types of lighting fixtures and are better in different locations such as bulkhead wall lights being better for outdoor lighting and jelly jars better and more appropriate for indoor lighting. They also have different beam angles. 

Are all bulkhead lights wall mounted?

All bulkhead wall lights are typically wall mounted, and in some cases, ceiling mounted. The wall lights are similar to jelly jar fixtures and are often used outdoors because they are vapor tight and keep out insects and rain.

Where are bulkhead wall lights typically used?

Bulkhead wall lights are outdoor lights. Because they are wet rated, they are often surface mounted outside of commercial and residential places as security lights, accent lighting, and other general wall lighting applications. They are a direct replacement for incandescent bulbs and contain no mercury or lead!  Read More

What incandescent bulb does an LED bulkhead wall light replace?

Depending on the LED bulkhead light you are using, their incandescent bulb replacement equivalent can be different. For the ones that we sell, the LED bulkhead wall light replace a 90W incandescent bulb. These wall mounted lights are direct replacements and have an instant on feature to help you use the bulkhead wall light while staying hands free. 
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