LED Bollard Light

LED bollard lights are great for adding style and are ideal for lighting walkways, plazas, and other high traffic areas. These economical and energy efficient bollard lights are perfect for commercial and residential applications. Made with durable weather resistant aluminum, the bollard features a specialized cone reflector to project light toward the ground to enhance pedestrian safety and security. Find your LED bollard light today at HomElectrical!

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Are bollard lights only used for path lights?

LED bollard lights are a type of outdoor LED lighting that are short upright fixture that emit light from either the top or the sides. Ground mounted bollard lights are used to light pathways and walkways for pedestrian uses. By adding LED bollard lights, you can easily up your home décor and aesthetic and overall feel to your outdoor lighting. Learn more with our blog Outdoor Lighting Options for Safety and Efficiency!

Is there a difference in performance between the round and square bollard light, or is it a personal preference?

A round LED bollard light and a square LED bollard light are very similar in terms of lighting capabilities. Both round and square bollard lighting solutions are ground mounted and provide light from top to bottom and the sides. The main difference is the way in which the light is projected and the overall design.

A square bollard has a more directed beam angle that makes the light more focused and directed than a round bollard that has a wider beam angle. Depending on your intended design, either a square or round bollard can typically be used.

Can I put my bollard lights on a timer, or do I have to turn them on manually?

LED bollard lights and outdoor bollard lights can be used with a timer to help you save time and energy. There are several different types of LED bollard light timers to choose from to avoid having to turn them on manually. You can choose from a motion sensor switch, an analog timer that you can set manually as well.

Do you sell solar powered bollard lights? If not, how are LEDs more beneficial?

HomElectrical does not currently sell any solar powered bollard lights. However, LED bollard lights are highly efficient and reduce monthly costs in bills and maintenance as well. A 100-Watt incandescent bulb can consume 1,200 Watts over a 12-hour period where an LED replacement will use only a fraction of that energy as well have a longer lifespan.

LED bulbs comes in a variety of brightness (Lumens) and are easily installed when replacing old incandescent, halogen or metal halide bulbs. Learn more about LED replacement benefits with our blog Converting Light Bulb Lifespan Hours to Years.

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