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Find all of your LED bulb accessories at HomElectrical. We are sure to have the accessories to meet your needs with our selection of lamp holder extenders, RF receivers, wireless lighting remotes, and many more accessories for all your lighting needs. Shop through our selection today!

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What are some LED Bulb Accessories?

HomElectrical carries a variety of LED bulb accessories including:

  • Lamp Holder Extender - makes it easier for you to install an replace your bulb by extending your current E26/medium base.
  • Surge Protector - protects your lamps and bulbs from treacherous electric spikes.
  • RF Receiver - essential for any lighting zone that you wish to installing wireless control systems and dimming capabilities.
  • Wireless Lighting Control - allows you to wirelessly control your lighting systems dimming, color temperature, and more.

Start browsing through our selection today to find all of your LED bulb accessory needs today!

What is the difference between an LED receiver and a driver?

A LED driver is used to power an LED light bulb.  This is similar to how a ballast powers a fluorescent light fixture or a low-voltage incandescent bulb. Most standard household "screw-in" or "plug-in" bulbs come equipped with an internal driver while larger commercial light fixtures will require an external driver. LED RF receivers are used for wireless remote-controlled lighting. If you're interested in retrofitting your lighting system to a wireless system make sure to order a compatible function. Learn more about wireless remote controlled lighting on our blog!

Is a power strip the same thing as a surge protector?

Both power strips and surge protectors will allow you to plug in multiple appliances at a time. The only difference between the two is that surge protectors will protect you and your devices from power outages and fluctuations in the electrical current. You can normally tell the difference by the electrical rating. A surge protector or surge suppressor will have a rating in Joules and will have the max voltage that's allowed. Learn more with our Electrical Safety Guide!

How many lights can the Wireless Control Receiver link up with?

Most wireless RF receivers have 4 output terminals that are rated for 5A/60-180W each. Each terminal has a 4 x 5A current output and can be used with a wireless remote to control a tunable light bulb's color and color temperature. Always make sure to connect the light fixture to the receiver before turning on the power. For your safety, always consult with a professional electrician before doing any electrical work. These RF receivers can be synced to a maximum of 8 controllers at a time. 

Where would I put the receiver for remote control use?

RF receivers are UL Listed with a low IP Rating, making them only suitable for indoor dry locations. We recommend mounting the controller in a dry area with plenty of ventilation. You don't want the device to overheat. The mounting tabs are located on either side of the device and can be screwed into the wall, floor, or ceiling. 
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