The Shift to Smart Technology: Smart Home Automation Systems, Smart Lighting, Home Security Systems, and More

The digital world is like that mole on your back that you swore was just a pimple. It’s not getting any smaller, and it definitely isn’t going anywhere! Smart technology has made a way to simplify everything in your life, from how you wake up, to how you manage your time. It can control the lighting in a room from the comfort of your mobile phone, and even lock the doors when you forget to on your way to work. You can literally ask Siri what the weather is in Siberia, just because, and frankly, you don’t need a reason. Just thank Google!

Smart Home

With all the hustle and bustle of the world, a little simplicity can go a long way. And if you know anything about the world’s natural resources, then you’re probably aware that we’re kind of running out.

And by kind of, I mean definitely…

But don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to combat the unfortunate choices of the people before us. And although I realize that a ton of businesses seem to have jumped on the “going green” bandwagon already, there is a lot more to sustainability than just composting and recycling plastic. Not only is smart technology making our lives easier, but it is empowering us to be more energy efficient.

Want to know what’s so “smart” about this technology anyway? Let’s find out!


Smart Technology

There are many different types of smart technologies, some of which you have probably already seen. Nowadays, everyone owns a Bluetooth speaker, a pair of headphones, or even a Bluetooth headset. But if you don’t, boy are you behind. If you are a part of the 1% that doesn’t own a Bluetooth speaker, brace yourself, the technology that you will read about next just might blow that top hat right off your head.

So, come on aboard, you’re the first passenger on the technology train, next stop, the future!

Smart Wireless Technology

Smart technology cannot exist without wireless communication. Engineers and technologists have been working hard over the years to develop highly efficient wireless systems to connect our everyday lives to the digital arena. Bluetooth was amongst the first systems to hit the market back in 1994, and since then has been integrated into so many devices that we use today, such as cell phones, tablets, automobiles, and much more. The idea behind Bluetooth was to find a system that could connect multiple devices together.


But did you know that Bluetooth has virtually made its way to so many devices that we use every day? We can control the lights, windows, doors, televisions, security systems, sprinklers, computers, washing machines, electrical outlets, telephones, all with the click of a button. Here are just a few additional smart devices that are making this no-hassle life more worthwhile.

Smart Home

Smart Lighting Technology

Smart Lighting Technology

The next stop on our visit to the future of smart technology is the city of LED. With a population of a mere 1,000,000 people, this city is known for its astounding energy efficiency and strikingly colorful stores. From voice activated lighting, motion sensor lighting, lighting dimmers, tunable lighting, to lightbulbs with Bluetooth speakers installed into them. Smart lighting technology is changing the game.

You heard right, these light bulbs literally have speakers inside of them. And more than that, you can program them to adjust the color to match the beat. (Talk about a “lit” party). Some light bulbs have even come with a built-in battery that will turn on when the power goes off.

Want to learn more about lighting controllers like dimmers? Check out our Lighting Control Guide..

Smart Sensor Technology

Next on the itinerary is the city of “motion sensor-ville.” The cool thing about this stop is that it can “sense” when you’re coming, much like these smart products we will be discussing next.

Have you ever walked into a room, the lights just popped on, and you asked yourself “what is this sorcery?” Motion sensors can detect body heat from surrounding areas, and are becoming so common that they are combining with so many different devices. They can tell us when people enter a room, when people leave, and can even distinguish how many people are in a room. Pretty cool huh?


Heating and cooling products like Panasonic have even integrated motion sensor technology into their heating and cooling systems. Their smart technology can detect when there is motion in a room, and adjust the temperature accordingly. Finally, a system that truly understands us. Motion sensor technology is entering almost every aspect of your life; from lighting, security systems, heating and cooling systems, faucets, windows, fire alarms, televisions, computers, and much more.

Smart Security Technology

Smart Home Security

Among all the other cool smart gadgets that we’ve discussed, these next devices are changing security systems for good. Thanks to advances in smart technology, you can now keep tabs on what’s happening in your home, all from the comfort of your mobile device. Some lighting technology has even integrated security features that will mimic the lighting patterns of your home while your away, to steer away burglars.

Another benefit to smart security devices are their motion sensor capabilities. Some devices have even gone past a simple motion detection and alert system, and have integrated video capabilities as well. Now you can see who’s at the door from your phone.

Smart Home Security

Still not convinced that motion sensor technology is the bees knees?

Well take a look at this scenario!

Woke Up Late

You just woke up in a frenzy because your alarm didn’t go off, even though you had it set for 6:30 am exactly. But now it’s 7:30 am, and you’ve got just enough time to make a cup a coffee and throw a waffle in the oven (your sister borrowed the toaster—she’s always borrowing the toaster) . Next, you throw that jacket you’ve been wearing all week in the dryer…you know, to rejuvenate its “freshness.” 15 minutes left before you have to walk out the house, but where are your keys?

Doggy Keys

You’re turning on every light, looking under every pile of clothes (you know—the ones that you’ve been meaning to pick up). Finally, after a striking 14 minutes, you find them in the dog crate. Looks like Mr. Wrinkles found a new toy, but there’s no time for discipline (Mr. Wrinkles will get a talking to when you return).

The next minute is a bit of blur, and you manage to make it outside without your head on backwards, so that’s a win. You finally make it to your job, when you realize that you left all the lights on, the waffle is still in the oven, the coffee is on the stove, and you cannot, for the life of you, remember if you locked the door or not.

Looks like he could have saved himself the hassle of going home, or worse burning his house down, if only he had integrated some smart technology to handle some of the curveballs that life seems to find so amusing. You and I both know, they are not. With the power of smart wireless technology, you can control virtually anything in your home from your smart phone. Turn off lights, lock the door, turn off the oven, save your breakfast, and set the air conditioning to turn off when no is in the room.

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