LED Lighting Control Guide

With energy efficiency being the center of focus in the lighting world, it is a good time to consider lighting control technology. If you already have LED lighting, installing control systems is a way to take your savings to the next level. Lighting control systems provide the best energy savings as they limit the need to turn your lights on and off, therefore saving you tons of money in utility costs.

Most LED lighting control systems, like dimmers, occupancy sensors, vacancy sensors, and motion detectors can result in over 35% of energy savings. Just think about all the money your building would save by lowering its operation costs by 35%. Are you turning off your lights? A guide to motion sensors.

Why are LED Lighting control systems so beneficial?

  • Detectors eliminate the habit of unused lights being left on.
  • Dimming lights save energy because dimmed light uses less energy
  • Reduces time with lights on which extends the life of the lights
  • Offers flexibility of light usage throughout multiple areas.
  • Detectors turn lights on when someone is present.
  • For rooms with multiple uses, you can provide the lighting necessary for its current use.

Below are different ways that you can control your LED lighting. Click on the technology that you would like to learn more about what it offers and specific benefits for your application.

Falyn Eaden
Falyn Eaden

Working as Project Management Officer at CORL Technologies and armed with a B.S. in English & Professional Communication and an M.S. in Cyber Security, Falyn works to create environments that protects and represents the world around us. He loves life, fast-paced environments, flag football, eating and exploring new things.

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