Retrofitting Your Shop Lights to Leds

Looking to give your shop lights an upgrade? Why not retrofit them? Unlike fluorescent tubes, LED tubes are more efficient, require less maintenance, live longer, and don’t contain toxic chemicals. You can get the same color and same lumen output at a fraction of your current operation cost. If you don’t already have a current fixture or aren’t very familiar with what a shop light is, allow us to do the honors.

LED Shop Lights

The Issue with Traditional Shop Lights

For anyone who has spent time under the pale glow of fluorescent shop lights, the challenges are far too familiar. Traditional lighting options in commercial and industrial spaces is becoming outdated.

Fluorescent lights often underperform when it comes to delivering the lumens needed to fully illuminate workspaces. Their notorious humming sound and sporadic flicker not only disrupt concentration but can trigger headaches and fatigue.

Incandescent lights, while not prone to flickering, still fall short in their illumination capacity. Plus, their energy efficiency can lead to soaring utility costs. This is especially true in spaces where lights are in use for extended periods. Both traditional lighting solutions also suffer shorter lifespans, which contributes to frequent replacements.

What is a Shop Light Fixture?

Shop lights are types of lighting designed specifically for workspaces such as garages, warehouses, and workshops. These fixtures are typically composed of fluorescent tubes and are commonly hung from the ceiling to provide constant illumination. However, they can also be directly mounted onto the ceiling to suit the specific needs of the space. Experts recommend a ceiling height of 8 to 12 feet for the installation of LED shop lights to ensure optimal illumination.

Understanding the mechanics of your shop light is crucial if you’re considering a retrofit. It’s important to know the temperature, lumens (Lm), and wattage (W) of your current fixture.

  • The color temperature indicates the appearance of the light emitted.
  • Lumens per square foot quantify the brightness of the light.
  • Wattage refers to the energy consumed by the light fixture.

Another key consideration is whether your current fluorescent tubes are connected to shunted or non-shunted tombstones. Depending on their type, you may need a specific kind of LED replacement for fluorescent tubes. Together, these factors can help you choose the most suitable LED retrofit kit for your workspace.

What Are My Options?

Retrofitting: The Efficient LED Path to Modern Lighting

Considering an upgrade to LED shop light fixtures? It’s important to know that you don’t necessarily have to replace the entire fixture. Retrofitting offers a more practical alternative.

This enables you to upgrade your garage light fixture without the disruption and cost of a complete overhaul. Let’s explore some retrofitting options you can consider:

LED Shop Light

Direct Wire (Ballast Bypass) LED Tubes These tubes are known for their efficiency, as they eliminate the need for a ballast. However, removing the ballast and rewiring the fixture requires a certain level of expertise. We recommend hiring a certified electrician for the installation.

Hybrid LED Tubes: These are a versatile option that can operate with or without a ballast. This can make the installation much easier. However, they may not be as efficient as the direct wire tubes. Nonetheless, they offer a flexible solution that doesn’t require professional assistance for the installation.

Electronic Ballast Compatible LED tubes: These are a convenient “plug-and-play” solution that works with an existing electronic ballast. However, their energy efficiency is slightly lower than that of the Hybrid LED fixtures. .

Replacing the Fixtures

If retrofitting doesn’t suit you, you may want to replace the fixture with an LED linear shop light. Though it demands more effort upfront, it's a lasting investment ensuring superior light quality. Whichever option you choose, the transition to LED shop lights is a brilliant move towards a more productive workspace.

How to Retrofit Your Shop Lights to LEDs

Retrofitting your current led shop lights may seem like a technical task. It’s actually a straightforward process that can enhance your workspace’s lighting. You may want to consider enlisting the help of a professional electrician for larger lighting setups.

Step one is to identify the type of lighting currently installed in your shop. Determine whether you’re working with fluorescent or incandescent lights. You can then choose a compatible LED retrofit kit. They are designed to make the transition to LED lights for garage spaces as seamless as possible.

Next, you’ll need to remove the existing light bulbs and ballast. Be sure to cut all the power to the existing fixtures before performing any electrical work. After you’ve cleared the way, it’s time to install your new led lights.

The retrofit kit should come with specific instructions that guide you through the installation process.

Shop lights are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Because of their mounting versatility and thin profile, they can be found in:

  • parking garages
  • bars
  • warehouses
  • walkways
  • tunnel lighting
  • advertisement and factory lighting

Below is a list of products we offer and their wattage equivalent. If you see your wattage below, click your LED lighting wattage equivalent.

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It's Time to Shine: Take the Leap Today

The clock is ticking and there’s never been a better time to seize control of your workspace lighting. By retrofitting your shop lights to LEDs, you’re investing in an unrivaled lighting solution. Illuminate the way forward and experience the difference for yourself. The future is bright, it’s time you claimed your piece of it.

Falyn Eaden
Falyn Eaden

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