Mini Split Ductless System: Air Conditioner from Panasonic

Panasonic air conditioners and heat pumps are the perfect addition to your residential or commercial space. Their innovative and progressive technology provides maximum performance with a high energy efficiency. These products were manufactured with sustainability in mind to help reduce power consumption. And energy savings, means money savings!

Air conditioning units are rated based on their seasonal energy efficiency ratio, also known as SEER. The higher the SEER ratio, the more energy efficient the unit will be. The more energy efficient, the more cost effective. The more cost effective, the more money you save. The more money you save...Ahh…you get the point! These units use less energy to operate than traditional HVAC systems. They draw cool energy from the air keeping the system at a lower temperature, virtually eliminating the heat output. That makes these heat pump AC systems a must have!

Panasonic Units

Let’s learn what some of the many benefits of Panasonic heating and cooling units are!

Reduced Energy Consumption


Panasonic heat pump and cooling systems provide both comfort and energy savings through their sensor technology, known as ECONAVI. Did you know that you waste energy cooling an empty room? But what about when people aren’t moving in a room? You guessed it, energy wasted!


This advanced technology examines the level of activity in a room and adjusts the airflow accordingly. It evaluates the changes in human location, activity, presence, and adjusts the temperatures respectively. This technology saves you energy because it knows where you are, when you leave, and when you are less active.

ECONAVI offers three different activity sensors:

  1. Absence detection will reduce energy usage when no activity is detected. If no one is in the room, it will switch from high operation to reduce cooling or heating.
  2. Activity detection will adjust the airflow when activity is detected. The unit will efficiently cool the area without wasting energy.
  3. Area search will adjust the airflow when activity is detected on one side of the room. The unit will send cool air to areas where people are active.

Easy Installation

These air conditioning and heat pump systems are quite versatile. They provide both quality and reliability to help cool and heat your space effectively and efficiently. Since no ductwork is required, they are especially easy to install, eliminating the cost of duct installation and cleaning. Simple and Fast! The indoor unit is normally mounted inside a room and connected to an outdoor unit, or condenser, through inter-unit wiring in an opening found in the wall.

Temperature Control


Panasonic technologies enables the heat pump air conditioning system to adjust to different occupancy levels providing year-round comfort. They can also provide precise temperature control because they are designed to have a wider power output range. This enables them to cool or heat a room much quicker and more efficiently than non-inverter models. This inverter technology results in a lower use of electricity, lower energy consumption, and, overall, lower utility bills!

How does the heating operation work?

The indoor unit is installed and connected to the outdoor unit, also known as the condenser, through refrigerant pipes that cycle gas between the two units. Depending on the operation, cooling or heating, the direction of the gas is switched with a simple button on the remote control. When heating, the heat is transferred from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. Cool air is drawn into the indoor unit and warm air is released into the room. This process is then repeated.

Panasonic Remote

How does the cooling operation work?

For cooling, the opposite occurs. The heat is transferred from the indoor unit using a compressor in a reverse cycle. Warm air is drawn into the indoor unit and cool air is released into the room, and this cycle continually repeats.

Other Features

Panasonic features
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