LED MR11 Bulb

Light up your display with LED MR11 Bulbs from HomElectrical! They provide the perfect directional and accent LED lighting for a variety of locations including: kitchens, retail shops, museums, and display cases. These bulbs give any area a professional and classic lighting effect, and provide energy and money savings. Shop for the perfect halogen bulb replacement and browse our selection of LED MR11 bulbs today, all at competitive prices! 

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What does MR stand for and how is it similar to other bulbs?

MR stands for Multifaceted Reflector. MR lamps have a smooth surface inside instead of facets, but they are still considered lamps. These bulbs feature a bi-pin base and come in a variety of sizes and wattages. MR shaped bulbs are small in size and offer a precise directional beam angle. 

What is the difference between Halogen and LED MR Bulbs?

A halogen light bulb is an incandescent lamp that uses halogen gas to increase and decrease brightness.  Halogen bulbs are typically used in residential applications.  An LED MR bulb (Multifaceted Reflector) is typically used for residential and commercial applications for fixtures and spot lighting applications. MR bulbs are dimmable, Energy Star approved, and more efficient than a Halogen incandescent bulb.

Are MR11 bulbs only used for landscaping?

In addition to landscape lighting, MR11 bulbs are commonly used in track lights and recessed light fixtures. Their smaller base and diameter makes them great for smaller fixtures, however, they do not produce a very bright light. These MR11 light bulbs are ideal for task lighting, accent lighting, and display lighting.

What are MR11 bulbs able to replace?

An MR11 Bulb can replace any bulb that does not surpass its 1000-Watt equivalent or exceed the base size of the fixture. These bulbs can easily replace a 20 Watt halogen bulb, and can offer up to 80% in energy savings. 
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