Green Creative

Green Creative LED lights are high quality with industrial-strength designs. Green Creative LED lights come in PAR, MR, tubes, downlights, and more. They are easy to install and have a long life, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance. If you're looking for one of the best LED suppliers on the market, then look no further than Green Creative. They have LED lights for every situation from outdoor strip lighting to decorative LED filament bulbs. Their extensive catalog of LED lights, and history in the industry make them a reliable supplier for any LED lighting projects.
Green Creative

Green Creative LED Bulb

Go green with Green Creative LED Bulbs featuring brighter, long-lasting light bulbs for use in residential and commercial applications.

Green Creative LED Downlight

Retrofit existing downlights with Energy Star certified Green Creative LED Downlights available in a variety of color temperature options suitable for commercial and residential applications.

Green Creative LED Aspire Line

Choose the Green Creative LED Aspire Line track lighting series for display or accent lighting suitable at home, the office, or in commercial spaces.

Green Creative LED Panel & Troffer

Upgrade fluorescent panel or troffer light fixtures with Green Creative LED Panels and LED Troffers designed to save energy.

Green Creative LED Accessories

Green Creative lighting solutions may use Green Creative LED Accessories suitable for track lights, remotes, drivers, and extension cables.

Green Creative LED High/Low Bay

Purchase Green Creative LED High/Low Bay retrofit UFO lights with select models featuring sensors for improved performance.

Green Creative LED Track Lights

Design a space with adjustable Green Creative LED Track Lights available in different track light head colors with plenty of compatible accessories available.

When should I use troffers over bulbs for lighting?

Troffers provide much more light over a target area, and are intended to light a whole room by themselves. They're best suited for offices or schools where the design of the lighting is not as important as the amount of light you need. Bulbs are much better for residential areas or offices where you don't necessarily need to be lighting a whole area at once.
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